5Using an IC Card

Notice & Disclaimer

  • Accepted IC Cards:
    • pitapa card imagePiTaPa
    • icoca card imageICOCA
    • kitaca card imageKitaca
    • pasmo card imagePASMO
    • suica card imageSuica
    • manaca card imagemanaca
    • TOICA card imageTOICA
    • nimoca card imagenimoca
    • sugoca card imageSUGOCA
    • KANSAI ONE PASS card imageKANSAI ONE PASS (For Foreign Tourists Only)
  • IC Card

6When the Bus Arrives

For your safety, please do not go near the bus until the bus has come to a complete stop.

  • The doors will automatically open and close.
  • When the Bus Stops Away from the Bus Stop and door open.
    If there is already a bus at the bus stop, the arriving bus may stop slightly before the bus stop so that the passengers on board can depart. Afterwards, the bus will stop yet again at the bus stop so that the people waiting can get on board. Please wait until the bus stops in front of the bus stop before you attempt to board the bus.