5Using a Regular Ticket

Notice & Disclaimer

  • Regular tickets can only be used on the day of purchase. Furthermore, regular tickets can only be used from the station of purchase.
  • Regular tickets will be collected by the ticket gate when exiting the boarding platforms.
  • In the case that you travel farther than the destination designated on your ticket, a separate fee amount to the extra distance traveled will be necessary.
  • However, we do not offer refunds if you decide to get off at a station closer than the one designated on your ticket.
  • If you lose your ticket, you will have to purchase another once you reach your destination.
  • Tickets are not available for purchase on the boarding platforms or inside the train. Tickets can only be purchased from ticket machines located near the ticket gates. Round trip tickets and luggage tickets are not available as well.
  • When exiting the boarding platforms, please make sure to insert your ticket into the ticket gate.

6Purchasing a Regular Ticket


Are you currently in possession of a regular ticket?

A Yes. I have a regular ticket.

Go to the ticket gate. Proceed to step 7

B No. I do not have a regular ticket.

Please purchase a ticket from the ticket machines located near the ticket gates of each station.

7Ticket Gate

Please insert your ticket into the ticket gate and proceed towards the boarding platforms.

Ticket Gate Notice
  1. ok means that the machine is usable from your side.(ng means that the machine is not usable from your side.
  2. Insert your ticket into the entrance slot located on the front portion of the machine and pass through the gate.
  3. Make sure to recieve your ticket when it comes out from the exit slot as you pass through the gate.
    Please make sure you do not forget to take your ticket.
ticket_gate_image Proceed to step 8