0Taking the Kyoto City Subway

Thank you for using the Kyoto City Subway.


  • There are 2 Lines.
  • KKarasuma Line (North & South of the Kyoto City Area) K01K15 Number of Stations: 15
  • TTozai Line (East & West of the Kyoto City Area) T01T17 Number of Stations: 17
  • Both Lines share the Karasuma Oike Station (K08T13). Transfering between the 2 lines is possible at this station.
  • Subway Line Information

Operational Hours

  • We operate generally from 5 o'clock to 23 o'clock. In the early morning and at night, the number of operation trains will be smaller. Please check the timetable for details.
  • Subway Timetable


  • Adult 210 - 350 yen
    Child 110 - 180 yen
    Fare is determined by the distance and stations traveled.
  • For 600 yen (Adult), you can purchase the (Kyoto City Subway One-Day Free Ticket). This ticket will alow you to take the subway as many times as you want for a day.Kyoto City Subway One-Day Free Ticket
  • Please purchase a ticket before getting on the train.

    You can use the following type of tickets.

    • Ticket (Regular)
    • One-Day Ticket (such as Kyoto City Subway One-Day Free Ticket)
    • IC Card (such as PiTaPa,ICOCA,Suica,PASMO)
    • Traffica Kyo Prepaid Card, Surutto KANSAI Miyako Prepaid Card (such as Surutto KANSAI Miyako Prepaid Card)
    • Subway Coupon (Discount) Tickets
    • Other Tickets

    About Tickets


    • Credit & Debit cards cannot be used.
    • JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be used.