Subway & Bus 1-Day Pass

With this ticket you can take the subway and bus as many times as you want for the duration of one day (applicable routes and lines only).

This ticket does not last 24 hours. It is only usable on the day that it is activated.

1Subway & Bus 1-Day Pass


  • You can take any Subway Line, City Bus Line, Kyoto Bus (excluding certain lines) , Keihan Bus (Yamashina & Daigo Area & others Included *excluding certain routes) and West Japan JR Bus (excluding certain lines) as many times as you want for 1day.
  • By combining the use of subways and buses, you can shorten travelling time and travel throughout Kyoto city more efficiently.
  • With this ticket, you can visit the majority of the tourist locations within Kyoto City.
  • By presenting the ticket on the day of use, you can receive special offers, such as discounts for museums, shops, and other facilities.


Magnetic Stripe Card

Frontside image

subway_bus_1day_adult_image 1-Day Pass (Adult Version)
subway_bus_1day_child_image 1-Day Pass (Child Version)
*The design may change.

Availability Period



Adult Version 1,100 yen
Child Version 550 yen Adult & Child Classification

Where to Purchase

* There is a chance that the ticket may be sold out on the bus.

Period of Validity

Usable on the Day of Activation

(Purchase in advance is possible. You do not have to use it on the day of purchase. The date of activation will be printed on the back of the ticket the first time you put it through the ticket gate.)

Applicable Routes & Lines

  • Subway - All Lines(Karasuma Line, Tozai Line)
  • Kyoto City Bus - All Routes
  • Kyoto Bus (Applicable Routes Listed Below)
    Ohara, Iwakura Muramatsu, Iwakura Jissoin Temple, Ichihara, Daikakuji, Kiyotaki & Kokedera are the routes available under the pass. However, seasonally limited routes such as 51 Hieizan line (Kyoto Station - Hieizan), 90(Hankyu Arashiyama Station - Nishiyama Takao), & 95(Ohara - Kurama) are excluded.
  • Keihan Bus (Applicable Routes Listed Below)
    Yamashina, Daigo area, and the central areas of Kyoto City (Kyoto Hieizan line, Kyoto Hieidaira line, Routes that operate on highways, Keihan Sightseeing Bus, Highway Bus, & Airport Shuttle Bus are excluded)
  • West Japan JR Bus (Applicable Routes Listed Below)
    Takao-Keihoku line (Kyoto Station - Toganoo)

Discounts & Preferential Treatment

How to Use

Notice / Disclaimer

  • An extra sperate fee is required when getting on the late night bus.
  • We are not responsible for any damages or loss that may occur after purchase of the ticket.