Subway One-Day Pass

With this ticket you can utilize all subway lines for a day.

This ticket does not last 24 hours. It is only usable on the day that it is activated.

1Kyoto City Subway One-Day Pass


  • With this ticket you can ride any subway line as many times as you want for an entire day.
  • This ticket comes with special perks and discounts.


Magnetic Stripe Card

Frontside Image

bus_1day_adult_image [Advance Ticket] Adult
bus_1day_child_image [Advance Ticket] Child
bus_1day_adult_image [Same-day Ticket] Adult
bus_1day_child_image [Same-day Ticket] Child
*The design may change.

Availability Period



Adult: 600 Yen
Child: 300 Yen Adult & Child Classification

This ticket is reccomended if you plan on using more than 600 yen on the subway in 1 day (for children: 300 yen).

Where to Buy

Period of Validity

The day of usage.
Advance Ticket
Purchase in advance is possible. You do not have to use it on the day of purchase. The date will be printed on the back of the ticket the first time you put it through the ticket gate.
Same-day Ticket
Valid for the day of purchase.

Applicable Lines

All Subway Lines View all Subway Lines

Discounts & Preferential Treatment

How to Use


  • If you transfer to the Kintetsu or Keihan line, you will have to pay an seperate additional fee. The ticket is only for Kyoto Subway lines.
  • We are not responsible for any damages or loss after purchase.
  • The ticket cannot be given to another person after use.