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How to Use

1) Increasing the text size
Almost all web browsers have a function which allows the user to change the size of the text. If you find it difficult to read the text on this site, try changing the size by following the instructions below.

For Internet Explorer:
From the [File] menu, select [Display] and choose [Font Size]. The default is medium.

For Netscape Navigator:
From the [File] menu, select [Display], and then make your selection from [Increase/Decrease Font Size].

2) Location information
In the header at the top of each page, information is displayed regarding the location of the current page in the following format: "Home > xxx > xxx". This allows you to know whereabouts the page you are currently viewing is located within the Kyoto City website, and also to view any of the pages which lead up to the current one, including the home page.