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Welcome to Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau!
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1 Waterworks
     ・ Waterworks in Kyoto City
     ・ Reinforcing the maintenance and control of waterworks facilities
     ・ Measures for disaster
     ・ Water quality management
     ・ Measures for area without water service
   Purification Plants
2 Sewerage works
   Sewerage works
     ・ Sewerage works in Kyoto City
     ・ Stormwater management
     ・ Measures for the improvement of combined sewer system
     ・ Advanced Treatment
     ・ Measures for the reconstruction
   Treatment Plants
3 Services
   Service Guide
     ・ This page introduces our service.
   Service Offices
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General Affairs Division,Waterworks Bureau,City of Kyoto
12,Higashisnnou-cho,Higashikujo,Minami-ku,Kyoto City
Phone 075-672-7707  FAX 075-682-2711

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