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Purification Plants in Kyoto City
@Almost all amount of the raw water is channeled from Lake Biwa by the Lake Biwa Waterway into Kyoto City and purified at 3 Purification Plants: Keage, Matsugasaki and Shin-Yamashina.
Keage Purification Plant
@Keage Purification Plant, the oldest one in the city, was established in 1912 and began supplying water in April of the following year, as the first plant using the rapid sand filtration method in Japan. This plant is open to the public every spring. Please come and see our beautiful flower gAzaleah.
Matsugasaki Purification Plant
@In 1927, Matsugasaki Purification Plant was established. A reservoir which supplies the water to the highest level service area is at the peak of the Matsugasaki Nishiyama Mt. that is famous for Chinese letter gMyo ()h shaped fire of the Gozan Okuribi ceremony at the Bon summer festival.
Shin-Yamashina Purification Plant
@As a part of the 7th Expansion Project, in 1970, Shin-Yamashina Purification Plant was established. In 1996, after several expansions, the purifying capacity increased and the plant became the largest one in Kyoto City. Most part of the raw water is piped from Lake Biwa and the rest is pumped from the Uji River.