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Brochure of the League of Historical Cities

  • Outline of the League of Historical Cities
  • Member Cities of the League of Historical Cities
  • Previous and Upcoming World Conferences of Historical Cities

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Bulletin “World Historical Cities”

The Secretariat publishes the bulletin “World Historical Cities” in order to offer useful information to readers including the topics of the measures for city planning and heritage preservation done by member cities. The bulletin is also aimed at promoting the communication among member cities.

Latest Issue:No.76 2017

topics of the bulletin:

  • Report on the 2017 LHC Board Meeting in Bursa, Turkey
  • Introduction of Klaipeda City (Lithuania)
  • Visits from Member City Mayors to Kyoto
  • Lanterns displaying LHC mayors' messages of peace were installed during Kyo no Tanabata in Kyoto