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Commonwealth of Australia ~ Member of the LHC since 1999 ~

Gold was first discovered in Ballarat in 1851, and 20,000 miners arrived from all over the world. In 1854, a bloody battle known as the Eureka Stockade took place between protesting miners and Government soldiers. This was caused by the unfair treatment meted out to miners by the colonial administration. The miners in the end did achieve political rights and freedoms. Today, you can immerse yourself in the city's history.

The Host City of the 10th
World Conference of Historical Cities in 2006



Commonwealth of Australia ~ Member of the LHC since 1994 ~

Melbourne was laid out in 1837 with a complete network of lanes and arcades which gave this city so much of its charm. The city's cable car system, introduced in 1855, has developed into one of the largest and most modern tram networks in the world. Melbourne is famous for its Victorian architecture and its parks and gardens, with over one quarter of the inner city set aside as park land.


Norwood Payneham and St Peters

Commonwealth of Australia ~ Member of the LHC since 2007 ~

Norwood Payneham and St Peters is located in the suburbs of Adelaide and has a rich and distinctive history with a long tradition of historical firsts at state and national levels including the first municipal town council and the first election by secret ballot in Australia in 1853. Many of South Australia's influential leaders have lived in the City and the impact has been seen across disciplines that encompass politics, the arts, religion, etc.