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The 3rd Conference in BARCELONA 1991


Barcelona and Girona, Spain
City Hall of Barcelona, Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya - Escola Tecnica Superior d'Architectura de Barcelona,
La Casa de Cultura de Girona


October 28 to 31, 1991


"The Memories of and Futures of Cities"
Each city has memories of its past by which it identifies its own history. It is our duty to devise projects for making use of what we have learned from our history, for the further improvement of our cities.

Working Session No.1
( in Barcelona)
"The Effect of Historical Cities as Capital Cities"
Working Session No.2
( in Barcelona)
"Cities and War - The Rehabilitation of the Cores of the Cities after Destruction Caused by War"
Working Session No.3
(in Girona)
"Historical Cities' Challenges - Guidelines on Modernization"
Working Session No.4
( in Barcelona)
"Cities with Important Projects"


Number of participating cities: 40 (23 countries)

Albi (French Republic), Amsterdam (Kingdom of the Netherland), Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany), Bilbao (Spain), Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Budapest (Republic of Hungary), Buenos Aires (Argentine Republic), Cartagena de Indias (Republic of Colombia), Cologne (Federal Republic of Germany), Cordoba (Spain), Cracow (Republic of Poland), Cusco (Republic of Peru), Dresden (Federal Republic of Germany), Fez (Kingdom of Morocco), Girona (Spain), Habana (Republic of Cuba), Jerusalem (State of Israel), Kyoto (Japan), Lisbon (Portuguese Republic), Lyon (French Republic), Madrid (Spain), Mexico City (United Mexican States), Munich (Federal Republic of Germany), Montpellier (French Republic), New York (United States of America), Paris (French Republic), Ponce (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico), Prague (Czech Republic), Quito (Republic of Ecuador), Rome (Republic of Italy), Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Sevilla (Spain), Toledo (Spain), Vitoria (Spain), Warsaw (Republic of Poland), Xian (People's Republic of China), Yogyakarta (Republic of Indonesia), Zagreb (Republic of Croatia)

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