About the World Conferences of Historical Cities

The 1st Conference in KYOTO 1987


Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto International Conference Hall


November 18 to 21, 1987


"Historical Cities in the 21st Century - Tradition and Creativity"
To bring together the Mayors of the world, for the purpose of the exchanging opinions and searching for solutions to problems common to all historical cities,

Working Session No.1 "City Planning"
Working Session No.2 "Cultural Properties"
Working Session No.3 "Urban Industries"


Number of participating cities: 26 (25 countries)

Alexandria (Arab Republic of Egypt), Amsterdam (Kingdom of the Netherland), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Kingdom of Belgium), Cologne (Federal Republic of Germany), Cracow (Republic of Poland), Florence (Republic of Italy), Guadalajara (United Mexican States), Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), Hanoi (Socialist Republic of Viet Nam), Istanbul (Republic of Turkey), Kaesong (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Katmandu (Kingdom of Nepal), Kiev (Ukraine), Kyoto (Japan), Lisbon (Portuguese Republic), London (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Paris (French Republic), Rio de Janeiro (Federative Republic of Brazil), Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan), Varanasi (India), Vienna (Republic of Austria), Xian (People's Republic of China), Yogyakarta (Republic of Indonesia), Zagreb (Republic of Croatia), Zurich (Swiss Confederation)

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