About the World Conferences of Historical Cities

The 14th Conference in Yangzhou 2014


Yangzhou, China
Shangri-La Hotel, Yangzhou, China


September 2 to 4, 2014


"Historical Cities: Ancient Culture Integrated into Modern Civilization"


Number of participating cities: 29 (14 countries and regions)

(Member cities)

Ankara (Republic of Turkey), Bad Ischl (Republic of Austria), Baghdad (Republic of Iraq), Ballarat (Commonwealth of Australia), Boston (The United States of America), Bursa (Republic of Turkey), Buyeo (Republic of Korea), Chiang Mai (Kingdom of Thailand), Gongju (Republic of Korea), Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), Konya (Republic of Turkey), Kyoto (Japan), Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia), Luxor (Arab Republic of Egypt), Nanjing (People's Republic of China), Nara (Japan), Osmangazi (Republic of Turkey) , Riga (Republic of Latvia), Sheki (Republic of Azerbaijan), Suwon (Republic of Korea), Tainan (Chinese Taipei), Vienna (Republic of Austria), Xian (People's Republic of China), Yangzhou (People's Republic of China), Zhengzhou (People's Republic of China)

(Non member cities from abroad)

Honolulu (The United States of America)

(Non member cities from China)

Taizhou, Yancheng, Zhenjiang

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