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Kyoto Declaration in 1987

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The 1st Conference in KYOTO

Cities are magnificent historical assets created through the wisdom of mankind. The twentieth century has been a century in which cities have taken great strides forward on a global scale.

The advances made by cities, however, have been accompanied by a great many practical contradictions, which with the passing years have grown more complex and passing. In particular, in historical cities with several hundred years, or even several thousands of years of history behind them, there is a marked trends towards the destruction of extremely important historical and cultural properties in the name of modernization and development. As a result, this has implanted in the hearts of the world's citizens a distrust and an anxiety towards civilization as a whole. We feel obligated to identify problems to be tackled by the whole of mankind and methods and policies for their solution with the twenty-first century firmly in view.

For this reason, the World Conference of Historical Cities was convened in response to a call for Mayor Imagawa of Kyoto, starting from 18 November and lasting for three days, with participants from all over the world gathering in Takaragaike in Kyoto. The participants compared experiences and exchanged accomplishments in the three fields of city planning, cultural properties, and urban industries, thus bringing together a wealth of accumulated cultural and societal experiences.

The sharing of such diverse experiences can only help to deepen mutual recognition of the unique cultural legacy that each historical city processes, and will point the way towards new initiatives that will take advantage of urban vitality. We believe that this kind of exchange can make a major contribution to the development of the community of mankind, and to the enrichment of world culture.

We hope to strengthen the links that bind the historical cities of the world through the mutual exchange of information and materials. We also hope to continue to strive for the stabilization and the betterment of the livelihood of the world's citizenry. We pledge that we shall proceed hand-in-hand with the rest of mankind, aspiring for everlasting peace.

Kyoto, November 20, 1987

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