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Message from the mayor

Warm greetings from Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto.
In the wake of the unprecedented earthquake on March 11, 2011, and the following tsunami and disaster at the nuclear power plant, Japan was greeted by concern from all around the world. We are grateful for everyone’s support.
Kyoto was fortunately spared from damage and continues to function normally. Civilian life continues as it always has.
Following the disaster, in addition to dispatching emergency firefighting rescue and medical teams and maintaining a flow of personnel to the affected areas, Kyoto intends to expend all possible efforts to assist restoration activities.
Kyoto and Japan are working together for the nation’s recovery; the extent of the damage, however, is not just limited to the affected areas in the Tohoku, but has spread all over Japan.
Kyoto has felt this manifested in the drop of tourists – especially those from overseas. In the face of these difficult times, it is our goal to energize Japan by increasing traffic to Kyoto.
Kyoto is taking the utmost care in ensuring the safety of its Water Safety and the farm, marine, and animal products that make their way through the city in order to guarantee your peace of mind during your stay.
We, the residents of Kyoto, look forward to welcoming you to our city.
We pledge to commit to energizing Japan.

Kadokawa Daisaku


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