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Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures

Any city is in need of some ideal. When the ideal is based upon an accurate evaluation of conditions in the world and upon a deep reflection on its proper traditions, and if the citizens endeavour to realize that ideal, then that city can be expected to play an important role in the historical development of the world. In this spirit we have decided to declare the city of Kyoto to be a culturally free city, open to the exchange of the cultures of the world.

A free city for international cultural exchange is one where peoples of any country may assemble freely and in peace, regardless of race, creed or social system, for the purpose of cultural exchange.

Kyoto is an ancient city which has preserved old cultural heritages and scenic natural beauty for over one thousand years. We cannot, however, merely take pride in past glories, nor live isolated. We must communicate widely with the world, and through international exchanges Kyoto must be always renewed culturally and continue to create her own unique culture. It is our hope, therefore, to make Kyoto a center of international cultural exchange.

A declaration of ideals is, of course, much easier than its execution, but we, the citizens of Kyoto, would like calmly to make this resolution and pledge our efforts towards what we can do for the realization of this ideal.

October 15,1978