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September 2017

Website "Kyoto City Cycle-Site" Has Been Redesigned

Kyoto City has launched a new website, "Kyoto City Cycle-Site" since April 2017 which includes a search system for bicycle parking in the city and information about damage insurance for bicycle riders.

Since it has become compulsory for bicycle business owners and rental bicycle business owners to provide each bicycle with damage insurance from October 1st, the city has redesigned and added more information about cycling rules and manners as well as pages for foreigners.

Information for Foreigners
Since the number of foreign visitors who hire rental bicycle services has risen dramatically in recent years, the city is providing rules and manners for cycling in Kyoto in English. Certified shops are also listed on the website in English. Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean pages will follow by the end of October. URL:

[Contact] Kyoto City Construction Bureau Bicycle Policy Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3565

Experience the Nishijin Brocade on the "NISHIJIN BUS" – With seats covered with the Nishijin Brocade

Kyoto Seika University, Nishijin-ori Association and Kyoto City Traffic Bureau cooperated together and started the "NISHIJIN BUS" in March, 2017. This time, the bus has been refurbished and the interior has become more beautiful.

"NISHIJIN BUS" is a part of the project, "550 Years Since Nishijin Started" launched by the Nishijin-ori Association. Students of Kyoto Seika University wished to have an opportunity to study about Nishijin brocade and the Nishijin-ori Association made their wish come true as the "NISHIJIN BUS" project.

Try and get on the "NISHIJIN BUS" in Kyoto which will provide passengers with an experience to feel and touch one of the best traditional industries of Kyoto.

About the Interior Decoration Using Nishijin Brocade

  • Frames of advertisements in the vehicle use Nishijin Brocade fabric with a design inspired by lovely Kyoto sweets; the contemporary design will attract the attention of the younger generation to Nishijin Brocade.
  • All seats are covered with Nishijin Brocade fabric with the same design as the ad frames but in different colors.
  • Hanging straps are covered with Nishijin Brocade fabric with designs that will be changed every season.

About Bus Service

  1. Number of vehicles
    One vehicle (#3166) belonging to the Nishigamo Bus Center
  2. Period of operation
    September 3rd (Sunday), 2017 to the end of March, 2018
  3. Operation routes
    #9 (Nishigamo Terminal > Nijo Castle > Kyoto Station)
    #37 (Nishigamo Terminal > Kitaoji Bus Terminal > Shijo Kawaramachi)
  4. Operation timetable
    Please contact the Nishigamo Bus Center (Tel: 075-492-6941) directly on the day you wish to ride on the bus.

[Contact] Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Vehicle Sales Section: tel: 075-863-5161

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