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July 2017

The Ranking of Popular Tourist Cities in the World 2017 Released by an American Travel Magazine, "Travel + Leisure"

One of the most influential travel magazines published in the U.S. "Travel + Leisure," has recently released the result of their annual reader's poll, "The World Best Award 2017." Kyoto has been selected as the 4th best city in the world in the "World Best City Ranking."

Remarks by the Mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa
It is our great honor that Kyoto has been ranked as one of the Top 10 cities in the "World Best City" poll for six years in a row, especially considering the fact that the result was decided by experienced travelers from around the world.

Although we don't consider the ranking too highly, we deeply appreciate the fact that world travelers recognize and understand the value of Kyoto as a "true travel destination" with a profound culture and attractions. Additionally, there is also the fact that only Kyoto and Florence, the sister city of Kyoto, have been ranked within the Top 10 for six years in a row.

I hope we can provide more opportunities for people from around the world to directly experience the profound traditional culture of Kyoto as well as developing new tourism segments such as food, contemporary art and education in cooperation with the Japan Tourism Agency, Cultural Affairs Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization.

[Contact] Kyoto City MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

"Iki Iki Point Healthy and Long Life City, Kyoto" 2017

Kyoto City has been promoting various health activities in order to implement the "Healthy Long Life City, Kyoto" project. This project seeks to create an active local community where every citizen cares for their own individual health and enjoys a healthy life even as they become older.

"Healthy Long Life City, Kyoto Iki Iki Point" is one of these activities. People who actively try to improve their health can receive "Health Points" from the city and will be able to receive a gift (by lottery) depending on how many points they earn. The city expects that people's motivation will rise as these health activities become more "visible."

The contents of the "Healthy Long Life City, Kyoto Iki Iki Point" will be further improved in 2017. We sincerely hope that many citizens will join the project.

[Contact] Kyoto City Healthy Long Life Planning Section: Tel: 075-222-3419

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