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June 2017

Take the "Eco Summer" Transportation and Enjoy Going Out!
– Fare for up to two children per one will be free –

During the school holiday season, nine bus companies and the Randen (Keifuku) Railway will provide an "Eco Summer" service. In order to encourage people to take public transportation which generates less of an environmental burden, the fare for up to two children younger than 13 years old accompanied by one adult will be free of charge. The service will be valid all day from July 21 to August 31 and on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays throughout July and September.

Going out with the entire family can reduce electricity consumption at home. Turn the air conditioner off at home and enjoy going out with the Eco Summer service which is friendly for both the environment and family finances!

  1. Fares and How to Use the Service
    1. Fare for up to two children (younger than 13 years old) with a passenger who use the transportation service provided within the designated area will be free of charge.
      (If one adult accompanies more than two children, the child fare will be charged after the second child. An additional fare will be charged if traveling outside the designated service area)
      *The Eco Summer service is not applicable to subway services.
    2. Any payment method can be made by the passenger: cash, pre-paid card, IC card, commutation tickets, commuter passes, concession for elderly people, and other tickets provided by the designated companies are accepted.
    3. Tell the driver that one is taking the "Eco Summer" service when getting off and pay the adult fare only.

[Contact] Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Sales Promotion Section: Tel: 075-863-5061

– Kyoto Summer Omotenashi –
Operation of "Miyako Station Mist" and "Miyako City Mist"

As a joint project with the Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau and Traffic Bureau, Kyoto City is operating the "Miyako Station Mist" and "Miyako City Mist" at the Kyoto station bus terminal and bus stops on Shijo Street (Shijo Takakura and Shijo Kawaramachi) used by a number of citizens and tourists. The machine produces dry mist using tap water.

  1. Meaning and Purpose of the Project
    Dry mist machines produce fine mist for cooling down the surrounding air. This can be an energy-saving way to provide a better environment during the hot summer of Kyoto as well as preventing the urban heat island effect. At the Kyoto Station Bus Terminal and bus stops on Shijo Street, the machine will provide citizens and tourists with misty cool air. The city hopes that this will provide an opportunity for people to learn about a new way of utilizing the city's tap water.
    Providing cool mist will be a small comfort for those who are waiting for the bus in the hot weather. This is one of the attempts of the "Walking City Kyoto" project that the city has been promoting.
    At the Kyoto Station Bus Terminal, wind chimes made of Kyoto and Kiyomizu ceramics welcome people with their cheerful sound.

  2. Project Period
    Period: June 26 (Mon.) – September 30 (Sat.), 2017
    Operation time: 8:00-18:00
    *Operation time will be extended until 19:00 from July 20 (Thurs.) to August 31 (Thurs.), the hottest weeks.
    *At the bus stops on Shijo Street, the mist machine will be stopped from 8:00 to 14:00 on July 17 (Mon., national holiday) and 24 (Mon.) due to the passing of the Gion Festival's Grand Procession.

  3. Location
    - "Miyako Station Mist" (Kyoto Station Bus Terminal; Platform C & D)
    - "Miyako City Mist" (Bus stops on Shijo Kawaramachi and Shijo Takakura; on both sides, 4 locations in total)

[Contact] Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau Sales and Planning Section: Tel: 075-672-7709
Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Vehicle Promotion Section: Tel: 075-863-5116
Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Vehicle Technical Section: Tel: 075-863-5154

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