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May 2017

A Convenience Store, "LAWSON" Newly Opened in the "Kotochika Oike"!

In order to provide better services and convenience for passengers and to create a dynamic business atmosphere in the subway station areas, Kyoto City Traffic Bureau has been developing the "Kotochika," the commercial section in subway stations.

Recently, the bureau has opened a branch of the convenience store, "LAWSON," in the "Kotochika Oike" in the Karasuma Oike Station.

[Contact] Kyoto City Traffic Bureau Sales Promotion Section: Tel: 075-863-5068

Garbage Quantity Report 2016

Kyoto City has released the final report on garbage quantity 2016. Thanks to the cooperation of citizens and business owners/managers, the total amount of garbage produced in the city was 417,273 tons. It is a remarkable record that the figure has fallen below 420,000 tons, which is 22,000 tons less than the previous year (440,000 tons was produced in 2015) equal to a 5.1% decline and to a 49% decline compared to the year 2000 when the city marked the worst figure of garbage quantity.

In 2015, the city enacted a new ordinance titled "Shimatsu-no Kokoro Ordinance* (To reduce garbage and waste)." After only two years, the city has succeeded in a reduction of almost 10% (44,000 tons less than the quantity of garbage produced in 2014).

The city will continue to make efforts to lower the volume of garbage and waste with the cooperation of citizens and business owners/managers, focusing on recycling paper items and reducing the quantity of food waste in particular. The target is to reduce the annual total to less than 390,000 tons* by 2020, marking a decrease of more than 50% compared to the highest figure in past years.

*1: The nickname of "Ordinance Regarding the Reduction and Appropriate Care of Garbage and Waste in Kyoto City"
*2: The figured set in the "New Kyoto City Garbage Halving Plan"

Visit Kyoto City's website for more details regarding the shift of garbage quantities produced in the city:

[Contact] Kyoto City Garbage Reduction Promotion Section: Tel: 075-213-4930

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