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October 2017

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Regarding Regional Development Signed with the Expedia Group

In order to increase the number of tourists staying in Kyoto City along with the number of nights they stay, as well as improving the attractiveness of city-based ryokans and hotels and the development of Kyoto Brands, Kyoto City has recently signed a comprehensive partnership agreement regarding regional development with the Expedia Group, the world's largest online travel company which manages more than 200 online websites including® and® in over 75 countries in 35 languages.

The city is confident that this agreement will result in promoting the revitalization and development of the city's culture and traditional industries as well as its economy by introducing more tourists to Kyoto and encouraging them stay for longer periods during the year of the Rugby World Cup 2019 as well as the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and further into the future.

Contents of Cooperation and Collaboration

  1. Regarding the means of increasing the number of tourists from overseas.
    Special pages featuring Kyoto will be opened on multiple websites run overseas by Expedia introducing useful tourist information about both famous places and lesser-known areas to aid in the decentralization of tourists and to reduce congestion.

  2. Regarding the means of increasing the number of tourist and the number of nights they stay in Kyoto City.
    Based on key data that Expedia has accumulated, a variety of useful information such as advance information of the number of tourist from each country, future forecasts, and average expenditure per capita will be shared with the city. Real time market trends will be utilized for the city's future marketing.

  3. Regarding the improved attractiveness and development of accommodations in Kyoto City.
    Expedia organized lectures on Revenue Management based on their data and inbound tourism seminars which introduce examples of successful areas will be facilitated. Ryokan and hotels in the city can learn from these forums and improve their business.

  4. Regarding the development of tourism promotion such as PR for Kyoto Brand.
    By allowing Expedia to widely introduce accommodations in Kyoto through their huge network, the Kyoto Brand will become more recognized internationally and will attract more international tourists. For instance, introducing ryokan inns which are a typical symbol of "Japanese Culture" in both software and hardware spheres as well as hotels that introduce traditional crafts and utilize wood materials produced in the city in their infrastructure.

  5. Regarding other regional development®, one of the brands owned by Expedia holdings, enables users to search accommodations distinguishing between "hotel" and "ryokan." This system will be incorporated into the Kyoto City's official tourism website, "Kyoto Official Travel Guide" which will largely enhance the user's convenience. Many other new projects aimed at developing the city's economy will also be undertaken.

[Contact] Kyoto City MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

Improvement of the "Priority Seating Area" on Subways
– Priority seats have become easier to use and identify

Due to the dramatic increase of number of passengers from around Japan and the world, it has become an urgent task for the city to provide a comfortable service for all passengers on subway lines as well as cultivating good public manners in an easy-to-understand way.

One of the solutions taken by the Kyoto City Traffic Bureau will be to improve the design of the areas around the priority seating in order to offer a better environment for those who require priority seats as well as assist in the recognition of the area by the general public.

The design improvement will be completed in all subway compartments in the city by the end of March, 2018.

Contents of Improvement on the Priority Seating Area

  1. Setting the Announcement Sheet on the Floor
    A large orange announcement sheet will be set on the floor of the Priority Seating Area. "The Priority Seating Area" will be clearly identified in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) and the message, "Please offer your seat," will be displayed in Japanese and English.

  2. Change of Color and Height of Hanging Straps
    The color of the hanging straps set in the priority seating area will be changed to match the orange color of the new floor sheet. The height of the straps will be lowered for the convenience of pregnant women and the elderly.

  3. Location Change of the Priority Seats in Tozai Line compartments
    Formerly, priority seats were allocated separately diagonally in compartments on the Tozai Line. Corresponding to the design of compartments on the Karasuma Line, priority seats will be rearranged into the cross seat style in one area.

[Contact] Kyoto City Traffic Burau
(High-speed Railway Transport Section: Tel: 075-863-5224)
(High-speed Railway High-speed Vehicle Section: Tel: 075-863-5263)

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