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September 2016

New Model Project for Separating and Recycling Pruned Branches Started

In order to reduce the amount of garbage to less than half of its peak amount, Kyoto City has been promoting the "New Reducing Garbage by Half Plan," which consists of 2 core concepts: "2R (Reduce and Reuse)" and "Separation & Recycling."

Starting from October, 2016, the city started to allow citizens to dispose of pruned branches and fallen leaves as recyclable waste, an amount which presently comprises 3,600 tons of household waste.

[Contact] Kyoto City Beautification Promotion Division: Tel: 075-213-4960

"Good Health and Longevity City, Kyoto – Iki-Iki Point" Project Started

Kyoto City has started the "new point-earning system project" which aims to encourage citizens to work voluntarily on their health promotion. Citizens earn the "health points" as per their daily exercise. It can motivate people in providing a feeling of accomplishment by actualizing their daily heath activities. If a citizen achieves and earns a certain number of points, they will receive a special gift from the city in a drawing.

The city is advancing efforts for accomplishing the "Good Health and Longevity City, Kyoto" which is to create a vibrant society where each citizen's life sparkles and every single citizen can enjoy their life in the local community as they age.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Medical Service Division: Tel: 075-222-3419

"Kyoto City Culture & Art Program 2020+" Instituted

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the "Kyoto City Culture & Art Program 2020+," initially instituted in February, 2015, has been improved so as to better disseminate Kyoto's culture, art and the city's deep charms overseas.

Following the decision by the national government to relocate the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Kyoto City will further strengthen their efforts on promoting Japan's culture and art and crafts making, and to develop the city with its beautiful culture and art.

[Contact] Kyoto City Culture and Art Promotion Division: Tel: 075-366-0033

A Number of International Conferences Hosted in Kyoto in the First Half of the Year 2016

The Kyoto Convention Bureau has met with great success in attracting a number of major-scale international conferences since last year. In the first half of the year 2016, the bureau has succeeded on a continual basis in attracting four large international conferences including the inaugural two conferences in Asia such as "The 5th World Parkinson Congress (WPC)."

[Contact] Kyoto Convention Bureau: Tel: 075-212-4140

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