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August 2016

60th Year Anniversary of the Kyoto Citizen Charter Establishment

This year welcomes the 60th year anniversary after the "Kyoto Citizen Charter" was established as the nation's first citizen charter in May, 1956 at the hands of Kyoto citizens. While being proud of themselves (Kyoto's citizens) as a member of the international cultural tourism city, this charter defines citizen's obligations as follows: "Creating a beautiful city," "making a clean environment," "nurturing good customs," "seeking efforts on protecting important cultural properties" and "welcoming tourists with warm an omotenashi spirit." The city now distributes explanatory leaflets about the charter at city hall and ward offices for deepening the understanding.

[Contact] Kyoto City Public Relations: Tel: 075-222-3094

The Number of Tax-free Shops in Kyoto Has Increased

The number of the tax-free shops in Kyoto City has increased to 1,186 as of April 1st, 2016. Compared to 2 years ago, when the city had started to support the project on expanding tax-free shops, it has grown 7 times and increased by 1,008 in the number of shops. The number of tax-free shops which sell traditional industry items has more than doubled. These outcomes show that the environment for foreign tourists visiting Kyoto to choose and buy traditional industry items as a souvenir has been improving.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promoting Division: Tel: 075-746-2255

Relocation of Ground Devices in association with the Widening Construction Work of Shijo Street Sidewalks Project

The widening construction work of sidewalks on Shijo Street, which had started in November, 2014 completed a year later at the end of October, 2015. To further making an easy-to-walk environment, the city will begin relocation construction work on ground devices (devices supplying electricity safely which are installed around the time of electrical poles' removal, concurrently with burying electric wires in the ground) on Shijo Street in sequential order, starting from the ones in which have been designated in the relocating plan.

[Contact] Kyoto City Street Management Division: Tel: 075-222-3570

"Regional Planning Framework" added to the Kyoto City Urban Master Plan

When vision and policy for the regional development plan had been instituted, Kyoto City has always put these local area's "future image" and "city planning policy" into the "regional planning scheme," which is part of the Kyoto City Urban Master Plan.

Based on the "Kyoto Station West Area Revitalizing Future Plan," which was instituted in March, 2015, the "Kyoto Station West Area" was added to the Kyoto City Urban Master Plan as part of the regional planning scheme.

[Contact] Kyoto City Urban Development Division: Tel: 075-222-3505

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