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April 2016

"Japan Luxury Travel Alliance" Project Launched – Project Kicked-off to attract wealthy -classwell-off tourists in cooperation with other major cities! -

Kyoto City has launched the "Japan Luxury Travel Alliance" since in April 2016. The project aims to establish Japan's firm position as a popular travel destination for wealthy-class people inwell-off tourists from around the world, and also to develop the a welcoming environment for them in the each local government and area. The project will be starting carried out in cooperation with other local governments which intend to attract foreign wealthy-class tourist well-off overseas tourists in a strategic way.

These Attempts to attract wealthy-classwell-off tourists from abroad have all already been made individually by each local government, but it is scheduled to be progressedare now scheduled to progress in a cooperative manner with involving all the local governments with offering their various perspectives. In particular, these activities include sharing and gathering information amongst each local government in regard toregarding the targeted people target group. Promotional activities focusing on improving the welcoming environment in Japan will be carried out at the same time.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Division: Tel: 075-746-2255

"Good Health and Longevity City – Kyoto Citizen Convention" Officially Launched

On May 9th, 2016, the "Good Health and Longevity City – Kyoto Citizen Convention" has was officially been launched which aims to extend one's citizens' healthy lifespan in Japan. Although average life expectancy in Japan has beenis ranked as the top-classhighest in the world, it is also true that there is a 10-year period that people will require nursing care as they age.

The "Good Health and Longevity City – Kyoto Citizen Convention" consists of local citizens and groups which promote activities to achieve the a long and healthy life. This convention intends to raise motivation for a healthier life at on a grass-roots level.

The challenge of a healthy lifespan is not only one for the elderly, but for is everyone's issue.

Children should keep a regular lifestyle which to help them develop their physical abilities. For adults in one's their prime, it is required essential to improve one's lifestyle through dietary beneficial dietary and exercise habits. All generations must make the challenge of sustaining a healthy lifestyle their own as well as one for everybody.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Medical Service Division: Tel: 075-222-3411

Kawaramachi Sanjo Tourist Information Center Officially Opened

The Kyoto City has been working on improving the "omotenashi" welcoming environment for tourists from home and abroad and hence make their time in Kyoto pleasurable. These efforts include installing the Kyoto Tourist Information Center, "KYO Navi," located in the Kyoto Station Building, jointly operated by the city and Kyoto Prefecture as well as in cooperation with other private tourist information centers in the city.

As for the "Kyoto City Kawaramchi Sanjo Tourist Information Center," the preliminary opening was on April 1st, 2016, followed by the official opening on April 28th, just before the start of the holiday week when many tourists are expected to visit Kyoto.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Division: 075-746-2255

"Kyoto Beef" Winning 3rd Class in the First Brand Beef Favorability Rating Contest

At the "41st Japan Meat Industry Fair 2016" (organized by the Meat Industry Exhibition Planning Committee; Venue: Tokyo Big Sight) held from April 13th to 15th, 2016, Kyoto Beef won the superior prize (third-class) in the First Brand Beef Favorability Rating Contest. The prized beef was produced by Kyoto Tamba Farm Ltd., and was recommended and exhibited by the Kyoto Beef Cattle Distribution Promotion Committee.

"Kyoto Beef – With Traditional and Cultural Taste": cattle were raised one by one in a careful manner by master artisans using Kyoto's delicious water in a rich seasonal natural environment. These beef cows were carefully selected so as to meet strict quality standards. This every-day hard work was recognized by the awarding of this honorary prize.

At present, the Second Market of the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market, which is now under redevelopment, is aiming to make a facility which will start exporting Kyoto Beef to foreign countries. When the facility is completed, it is planned to provide "safe, secure and good quality" meat and also to promote the foreign export of Japanese beef including exclusive Kyoto Beef.

[Contact] Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market: Tel: 075-681-5791

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