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March 2016

"Kyoto's Kimono Culture" Selected to Connect Kyoto's Intangible Cultural Heritage

Kyoto City has selected "Kyoto's kimono culture" as for the "Connecting-Kyoto: Intangible Cultural Heritage." The Connecting Kyoto Intangible Cultural Heritage is a system, which the city uniquely selects for carefully inheriting cultural heritages for the future that are difficult to designate or register as cultural properties under the existing law system.

The City believes that the Kyoto's kimono culture not only stands of "Nishijin-ori weaving" or "Kyo-yuzen dyeing," but also is comprises of craftsmen's techniques and designs made with peculiar sense. These are all important elements when making up "the real Kyoto."

As people's lifestyle change from Japanese western styles, kimono's consumption has been decreasing every year, and valuable techniques are being lost due to a lack of successors. This is why the City is now trying to enhance opportunities to get people acquainted with kimono more by registering kimonos to the "Connecting Kyoto Intangible Cultural Heritage."

The City will inherit "the kimono culture in Kyoto" for the future through disseminating the traditional ceremonies celebrated with wearing kimono, which marks one's life such as "Shichi-go-san," and "Seijin-shiki" ceremonies. And also through disseminating the charms of kimono as a stylish daily wear which is not restricted by tradition or social rules that is catching people's attention recently.

[Contact] Kyoto City Cultural Properties Protection Division: Tel: 075-366-1498

Disability Discrimination Resolving Act Executed

The "Disability Discrimination Resolving Act" will be enforced starting from April 2016.

This act states a specific action to be taken by the administration and private entities which enable disabled people to receive the same services as non-disabled people by not doing disabled people unfairly injustice over their disabilities; and to give disabled people a rational consideration to remove social barriers.

Because various limitations which disabled people receive, is not only caused by their physical disability, but also due to the social barrier which exists in society.

Therefore, we, citizens of Kyoto are required to create a town where each citizen can make decisions on how to act from respective positions, and respect differences regardless of being disabled or not and having a relationship in an intertwined and supportive way.

The City has instituted the "City's Response Guidelines Implementing to Eliminate Disability Discrimination" which shall be covered by the whole Prefectural Government. Kyoto City plans to progress actively for the effort starting from April 2016.

[Contact] Kyoto City Disability Health and Welfare Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-4161

Preopening of Kyoto Station's Hachijo-guchi Exit Square

On March 28th, 2016, Kyoto Station's Hachijo-guchi exit square had preliminary opened.

The construction work was started last year, followed by the agreement made among companies of railway, bus and taxi and local people after holding many discussions. This construction work is a part of the "Walking City, Kyoto Project" which prioritizes for people and public transportation. The Hachijo-guchi exit is regarded as Kyoto's primary entrance, and has been renovating to the space which is user-friendly and able to walk in a relaxed manner more so now with omotenashi, the welcome spirit.

With the renovation, a newly installed square is connected directly to the station's north-south passage using an elevator or escalator, users are able to transfer to the bus and taxis without getting rained on. Bus stops and taxi stands are placed in an easy-to-follow manner, and the roadways in front of the station was reduced from 6 to 4 lanes which enabled making a wider pedestrian space.

As for the measure to tackle traffic jams, a shot gun method is adopted for a waiting taxis. The shot gun method is to install a waiting spot for taxis in a location away from the square only a certain number of taxis that are needed can enter the square.

The square does not have a parking space and it only offers a space for disabled, private vehicles and shuttle buses load and offload their passengers. So, please come to the station by public transportation.

The square's construction work is due to be completed in December 2016. The City is planning to set a wide waiting spot in the square for a large group, which can be used by students on school excursions. All of these efforts are planned to energize the southern part of the City by increasing passengers using Hachijo-guchi.

[Contact] Kyoto City Road Construction Division: Tel: 075-222-3577

Expanding Types of the Municipal Taxes Payable at Convenience Stores

Until now, payable taxes at convenience stores was designed for light vehicle tax. As to improve the level of services for citizens, the payable type of the municipal taxes at convenient stores will be expanded starting from April 2016.

The newly designed payable taxes will be: prefectural and municipal residential taxes (ordinary collection), fixed property tax (including a depreciable assets), and city planning taxes.

Please confirm your tax payment sheet for it should have a bar code printed when making payment at convenience stores. Eligible convenience store names are printed on the backside of the sheet. 20 brands from the 15 companies are eligible, which are: SEVEN-ELEVEN, LAWSON, Family Mart, Circle K Sunkus, Daily YAMAZAKI and MINISTOP, etc.

[Contact] Kyoto City Municipal Tax Payment Promotion Section: Tel: 075-213-5466

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