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February 2016

Preliminary Report on the National Census

As of the result from the national census held currently on October 1st, 2016, the population now stands at 1,474,570 and the number of households, 707,758, by calculation conducted by the City. Compared to 5 years ago, the population has increased by 555 people, and the households by around 24,000.

The City analyzes that its population growth is attributed to the three charms of Kyoto, which have become increasingly attractive.

The first attractiveness is that "it is a place where people feel like they want to live." The number of people who have become residents of Kyoto compared to the number of residents who left Kyoto, increased by 3,770. This was due to maintaining the Kyoto-like-scenery within the City and also focusing on promoting tourism and culture.

Second, the "city where people feel like they may want to raise their children." This was due to creating an enhancing child raising environment through accomplishing a zero-waiting list for nursery schools for two consecutive years, and expanding the qualifying age for After School Care Programs, etc. The City's birthrate slightly increased from the prior year as well.

Third, is the "city where people feel like they'd like to work." Promoting traditional industries in the City and support measures for small and medium-sized companies have contributed to the creation of employment. The seasonally adjusted rate of opening to job seekers in Kyoto Prefecture stood at 1.24 at the moment compared to the 0.51 in FY 2009.

Also, the number of university and college students within the City had increased by more than 5,000 compared to five years ago. This is thought to be due to becoming more attractive as being a "City of University and Students" through various efforts. Such examples are preventing universities going out of the city and vice versa, supporting for student's voluntary activities, and so on.

[Contact] Kyoto City Informational Statistics Administration: Tel: 075-222-3216

Result on the Kyoto City Mayoral Election

Kyoto City's mayoral election was held on February 7th, 2016, and mayor Daisaku Kadokawa was re-elected, and so he will continue to be leading the municipal government for another term. He has been promoting administrative reforms including the cutting of labor costs, making the city subway's revenue increase and so forth amid a tight government budget since his start in office 8 years ago. Also, he has progressed administrative efficiency through breaking the restrictions of administrative overlaps, such as opening an animal care center in cooperation with The Kyoto Prefectural Government. In this way, financial resources are secured and actions for increasing the accepting number of children at nursery school was enabled. This also enabled Kyoto to improve the welfare system and progressed the activity to become a city that has the No. 1 child raising environment in Japan. Moreover, promoting activities for small and medium-sized companies and up-front investments such as the landscape policy had been promoted actively. As for the third mayoral term, to make a clear future vision for the City, 4 pillars and 133 promises are being made, which aims to resolve a mountain of problems including economic policy and the population decline and so on.

The first pillar, is "generating a further economic surge and creating new jobs in Kyoto." The second is "protecting the lives of Kyoto citizens and their livelihood, also expanding the child raising environment." The third is "to achieve recreating Kyoto's heart and making the City, a world's cultural metropolis." The forth is "breaking the restrictions of administrative overlap through cooperating with Kyoto Prefectural Government and drastic reform on public finance." As the City focuses on these pillars as the municipal government administration, it will progress on urban development in cooperation with citizens (and mayor standing at the forefront) where anybody can realize safety and prosperity.

[Contact] Kyoto City Publication Administration: Tel: 075-222-3094

Formulating the Initial Budget Plan FY 2016

Kyoto City has formulated the FY 2016 budget plan. Its budget scale is to be about 727.7 billion yen, exceeding by about 13 billion yen from the FY 2015. Despite the severe fiscal circumstance, the city enabled to ensure the finances by cutting back on 123 staff and reorganizing projects, and so forth.

There are 4 pillars of the initial budget plan: First, stimulating the economy and increasing job creation by taking advantage of Kyoto's strong points. This includes establishing a tourism promotion system which will help to use the profits from tourism for the citizens. Second, making a safe and secure city, and the enhancement of the welfare and child raising environment. This includes a project to implement earthquake-resistant bridges and houses, a wellness service aimed to obtain citizen's longevity in life while staying in good health. Also expanding number of children in nursery schools to 881 this year which will be the second highest number ever. Third is to achieve the "Kyoto - as the world's cultural capital city," which includes holding a Triennial birth event of Jakuchu Ito, a representative Kyoto painter of the Edo period.

Last, is to make a vibrating city by getting voluntary cooperation from citizens. In this regard, the City will further make an effort to support citizens' voluntary actions as for a catch copy, "doing for our citizens by each citizen."

By centering on these 4 pillars, Kyoto City will try to progress urban development in which citizens are able to realize everyone is living in comfort and having a prosperous life, and to deal with a dwindling population as well.

The budget plan will be discussed at the city council, which will be held shortly.

[Contact] Kyoto City Finance Division: Tel: 075-222-3291

Large Screen Display Remodeled at Nishikyo-goku Athletics Stadium

On February 21st, 2016, a large screen display had been remodeled at the athletics stadium and also the ball game grounds within the Nishikyo-goku Comprehensive Sports Park. This was conducted with the cooperation of the Kyoto Prefectural Government by utilizing the nation's subsidies.

Now, the screen size has become 151 square meters, full-colored with an LED display system, it cannot only show the score, but also vivid images of game highlights re-plays or slow motion plays, and so on. It is scheduled to be utilized with various sports including athletic sports, soccer and rugby, etc. in the future. A variety of directorial techniques using this screen are planned as well.

[Contact] Kyoto City Sports Planning Administration: Tel: 075-366-0168

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