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December 2016

Kyoto City's Publicity Movie "Heisei KIZOKU" is in the Limelight and a New Series is Being Released!

"Heisei KIZOKU" is Kyoto City's newly launched publicity movie project. Since the first movie was released in October 2016, the series has tallied over 240,000 views in total and has been much talked about on SNS. The movies really impressed viewers and many positive comments were posted such as "So cool!" and "The movie makes me want to move to Kyoto." From December 2016, new movies have been released featuring the city's projects, "Kyoto Iki Iki Point for the City of a Healthy and Long Life" (Citizens can earn points by completing the daily health-care related activities and exchange the points for gift items), and "Migration Consultation Desk for the Northern and Mountain Areas of Kyoto."

[Contact] Kyoto City Publicity Section: Tel: 075-222-3094

Extension of the Flat Fare Area for Bus Services and Improvement of the Convenience for Using IC Cards

As a result of a collaboration between the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau and the Kyoto Bus Co., Ltd., the flat fare area of bus services will be expanded to the Kamigamo and Nishigamo regions (after March 2017). From April 2017, they will sell the IC (ICOCA) combination commuter pass which enables passengers to be in possession of only one pass to travel by both the Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus. Kyoto City will continue to promote their "Walking City, Kyoto" project which focuses on creating a pedestrian- & public transportation-friendly traffic environment.

[Contact] Kyoto City Transportation Bureau Sales Promotion Section: Tel: 075-863-5061

Improvement of the Space around Hachijo-guchi Exit at Kyoto Station Completed

The space around the Hachijo-guchi Exit of Kyoto Station has been under improvement construction for the past two years. The work has been completed and "The Kyoto Station South Exit Station Square" is now open. The area has largely been developed with the aim of achieving an extensive improvement for the convenient transit of public transportation as well as providing a` safe and comfortable space for pedestrians. The Kyoto Station South Exit Station Square welcomes people from around the world as the gateway to Kyoto.

[Contact] Kyoto City "Walking City, Kyoto" Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3483

Improvement of the Shopping Environment for Overseas Visitors in Collaboration with VISA World Wide Japan and Other Business Groups

In December 2015, Kyoto City concluded the Agreement on the Comprehensive Cooperation for Regional Revitalization with VISA World Wide Japan. This time the city has started a few new projects in collaboration with TripAdvisor LLC and the Kyoto Ryokan Hotel Association. One project is the publication of a brochure, "Kyoto Torisetsu Part 3: How to Enjoy Ryokan," and another is to organize events in cooperation with restaurants and accommodations in the city in order to boost business in January and February, the months Kyoto has relatively fewer tourists visiting.

Kyoto City created a new Kyoto original "acceptance logo" which shows the places that accept payment by credit card. In this way, the city will continue to improve the shopping environment for overseas visitors.

[Contact] Kyoto City MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

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