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November 2016

Successful Outcome in the Support Project of Accepting International Media

As a part of promotion project for attracting more international visitors to Kyoto City, the city provides support for business owners when they accept international media.

One of the successful outcomes of this support revealed that many internationally famous magazines, such as "Departures" (a magazine for members of a major credit card company in the U.S.) and "National Geographic Traveler" (one of the most well- known travel magazines in the U.S.), feature Kyoto extensively. The city will continue to provide essential support in order to ensure the appeal of Kyoto becomes even more widely known and to invite more international visitors to the city.

[Contact] Kyoto City MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

Projects to Clarify Kyoto City's Guidelines Regarding Providing Accommodation Services

In October 2016, Kyoto City formulated the "Policies for Developing and Inviting Accommodation Businesses." In recent years, the number of "Minpaku (vacation rentals)" have increased dramatically causing a number of problems in the process. The policies are aimed to provide thorough instructions for those engaged in the Minpaku business in order to avoid problems. The city also focuses on compliance with relevant laws such as the Hotel Business Law, Fire Defense Law, and the Building Standards Law. It is essential for the city to create clear guidelines in order to regulate new accommodation businesses and to supervise related business owners to ensure they comply with the guidelines.

From December 1st 2016, the city started to supervise the situation based on the "Guidelines for the Safety of Accommodations in Kyoto City and for a Comfortable Local Living Environment."

[Contact] Kyoto City MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

Employing Environmentally- and Scenery-Friendly Asphaltic Pavement for the Project of Demolishing Power Poles

The city has been trying to demolish power poles on Ogawa Street in Kamigyo Ward in order to improve the town's scenic beauty and disaster prevention function. Recently the city has decided to employ special asphaltic pavement which is environmentally and scenery-friendly with nice stone and high water-retention properties. Demolishing the power poles on Ogawa Street will be completed in spring 2017.

[Contact] Kyoto City Road Maintenance Section: Tel: 075-222-3570

Kyoto City Received the Statistics Bureau Director's Award in the "Award for Utilizing Statistics by Local Government"

Kyoto City has developed a statistics application (new-generation statistics app) which can show statistics data in graphs and charts such as population census and family budget research. This is the first challenge at the local government level in Japan and the city's improvement in collecting statistics data has been a great success. Such an innovative project is highly valued at the national level too, and as a result, Kyoto City received the Statistics Bureau Director's Award in the "Award for Utilizing Statistics in the Local Government" which was launched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication this year.

[Contact] Kyoto City Informatization Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3216

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