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October 2016

Kyoto City's Action Plan for the Symbiotic with Water Formulated (as of FY 2016)

Kyoto City has been implementing the "Symbiotic Plan with Water" based on the fruitful solutions concluded in "The 3rd World Water Forum" held in Kyoto. The plan includes a few core targets such as "Urban development to create the city which is resilient to heavy rain and floods," and "Conservation and creating accessible waterside environment," etc.

On October 31st, 2016, the city has summarized the past results from the former year and this year's action program into the new "Action Plan" (as of FY 2016).

[Contact] Kyoto City River Maintenance Division: Tel: 075-222-3591

Universities which Adopt Promotion Program "Kyo (Miyako) Global College" Certified

Kyoto City has promoted the "Kyo (Miyako) Global College" project which aims to support internationalization of universities and colleges in Kyoto. For example, the city provides supports in various aspects such as inviting students from overseas, dispatching Japanese students to universities abroad, and affiliating with universities and colleges overseas for further partnership for the exchange programs.

Ten universities, including Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and Kyoto Gakuen University, are certified as "the Kyo (Miyako) Global College" participants and the city will continue to support internationalization of college and students in Kyoto.

[Contact] Kyoto City Internationalization Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3032

"Hagukumi-call" the Telephone Support Center for Child Raising Opened

Kyoto City provides supports for pregnant women and the families regularly that are engaged in child rearing at any stage, from pregnancy to delivery and child rearing periods.

Recently the city has opened the "Hagukumi-call," the new telephone support center which provides detailed information about the supports city can provide. The call center accepts questions and issues regarding child rearing and will introduce an appropriate section to contact depending on the contents.

[Contact] Kyoto City Children and Family Division: Tel: 075-251-2380

Total Result of the National Population Census 2015

The National Population Census was conducted in Japan on October 1st, 2015, and Kyoto City's preliminary counts of the population and households was officially announced by the Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The population of the city is 1,475,183, the number of the households is 705,874. Compared to the result of previous population census taken in 2010, population of Kyoto City has increased; additional 1,168 people (0.1% raise), and the number of households also increased with additional 24,293 households (3.6% raise) although both elements in nation-wide are likely to decrease.

[Contact] Kyoto City Information Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3216

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