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August 2015

Expanding Medical Expense Benefits for Children

As for the part of the child support project, the medical expense benefits for children will be expanded from the current one (up to the 6th grade of elementary school) to the 3rd grade of junior high school, starting from September 1st, 2015. This will make each family exempt to pay a further amount which surpassed the copayment.

With this regulation, the copayment amount for junior high school students will become 200 yen per month for the hospitalization, and 3,000 yen for a doctor's visit per single medical institution. However, when the total bills from several hospitals exceeds 3,000 yen per month, you are able to be reimbursed for upon application.

People who are already getting benefits from another system are not eligible for the above benefit.

To receive the benefit, applying for a certificate will be required. Please make sure to submit the form after reading the announcement document which will be sent from August 10th, 2015, to junior high school students.

For those who already have the certificate (up to the 6th grade of elementary school), a new certificate which extends up to the 3rd grade of junior high school will be sent individually in late October. You are able to use the old certificate until you receive the new one.

[Contact] Kyoto City Local Welfare Division (Medical Service Section): Tel: 075-213-2994

Account Statement FY 2014

Kyoto City has summarized the FY 2014 overall account statement. There are 5 key points.

First, the real surplus was maintained and expanded. The total accounting became about 34 billion yen and general accounting became 2.1 billion yen in surplus.

Second, the collection rate including city tax, national health insurance fees, premium for nursing-care insurance, and city-provided housing rent became the highest from the past. Therefore, the tax-increase effect generated from last year was 900 million yen per year.

Third, as for the business of a city bus, its accumulated funding shortage has all been solved, established an independent business as not getting funding from general accounting.

Fourth, as for the business of a subway, the loss of 46 million yen a day in the FY 2006 was decreased to 2 million yen per day. These improvements in businesses were due to the success in increasing passengers and business efficiency through the tourism promotion and the project of a walking city (making it a priority for pedestrians and public transportation).

Fifth, the City has steadily decreased the repayable balance for city bonds. Within all accounting, it decreased 37.7 billion yen from the previous year and totally decreased 145.7 billion yen in the past four years.

In these matters, the City has been advancing efforts toward restoring its fiscal health soundly, however, the fiscal situation is still in severe condition due to the fragility in a financial basis and increase in social welfare related expenses. Kyoto City will further work toward the growth strategy and administrative and budgetary reforms at same time through focusing on embarking to projects which lead to the increase of tax revenue through increasing the income of citizens and enterprises in Kyoto City and so on.

[Contact] Kyoto City Financial Division: Tel: 075-222-3288

Area for the "Regulation on Prohibiting Street Soliciting" Designated

Starting from September 1st, 2015, penal regulations will be applied within the decided prohibited zones based on the "Regulation on Prohibiting Street Soliciting."

The reason for bringing this regulation into effect is due to the voices from Kyoto's citizens, saying street soliciting is causing an unpleasant feeling and blocking traffic.

Prohibited activities are as follows: an act of targeting someone and approaching by "showing a menu and inviting them to a specific shop," or "inviting to work at a specific shop," and so on and these acts include the action of targeting people as well.

Prohibited zones will be Shijo Street, Kawaramachi Street, Kiyamachi Street, and the Gion district and surrounding areas of Keihan Sanjo Station, etc. Violators of the regulation are going to be given an instruction, admonishment and order from the City. When not obeying the order, "penalty fine of up to 50,000 yen," "disclosure of name, etc." will be imposed. The employer of said violator is subject to be imposed a penalty as well.

The City asks for all citizens' understanding and cooperation as to continue making the city a safe and reliable place with a welcoming spirit.

[Contact] Kyoto City Living Safety Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3193

Redevelopment of the Jingu-michi and Okazaki Park Completed

Starting from September 1st, 2015, the part of Jingu-michi in front of Heian Jingu Shrine located in the Okazaki area, Sakyo-ku, will become a vehicle-free-area and will be called the "Okazaki Promenade." This redevelopment project had progressed along with the neighboring park to make the area more popular, as it has merits to attract people with the currently being built ROHM Theatre Kyoto and the already popular Kyoto City Zoo.

The area between Reisen Street and Nijo Street was made to be a stone-paved street, with pine trees on its both sides making the area just like a grand approach space that leads to the Heian Jingu Shrine.

Also, an open space was made as a lush greenery area by growing a lawn within the park. The garden greenery has been cut and re-planted as to make a place able to view the Higashiyama ridge from the park.

To make the area more accessible, steps and bumps were removed around the now developing ROHM Theatre Kyoto.

Please come to the "Okazaki Promenade" where able to have a great stroll.

[Contact] Kyoto City Greenery Policy Promotion Division: Tel: 075-741-8600

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