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June 2015

Operation Started on New Fire Prevention Command System

Kyoto City has started operating a full-scale new fire prevention command center, which corresponds integrally from accepting calls to 119 that are dialed to dispatch orders, and also an advanced first-aid vehicle from June 4th, 2015.

At the fire prevention command center, in order to strengthen the response capacity for a large-scale disaster and a growing demand for first-aid, a number of machines receiving 119 calls was increased from 7 to 9. This was part of the facility's investment to strengthen the function of information gathering & sharing.

Also, tablets have been distributed to a commander-on-site, so that the on-site footage and surveillance footage taken from a helicopter can be shared in real time and this will lead to a better understanding of detailed-disaster conditions and providing needed information on-site.

For the reason like that of the mass emergency accident which happened in the Gion area in 2012, first-aid treatment for multiple injured persons requiring emergency assistance, and easy surgeries by doctors are now became possible at the site thanks to the advanced-first-aid vehicle installed as the first city amongst government-ordinance-designated city.

[Contact] Kyoto City Fire Prevention General Division: Tel: 075-212-6628

Outcome of Survey Regarding Overall Kyoto City Tourism

On June 18th, 2015, the City has released the outcome of a survey regarding Kyoto City Tourism FY 2014, which became an all record high regarding the number of tourists, the number of overnight guests and also the tourism consumption amount.

As for the number of tourists, it became 55.64 million tourists increasing by 4.02 million from the previous year. For the number of overnight guests, it became a record high of 13.41 million people, and for the foreign overnight guests, the number became 1.83 million people, increasing from 700 thousand people from last year. For the tourism consumption amount, it increased to 62.4 billion yen from last year, becoming 762.6 billion yen this year. As for the tourist satisfaction survey, the City received a high evaluation on travel quality that the percentage who felt touched by Kyoto's omotenashi spirit became higher than last year.

These successful outcomes are thought to be led by the following approaches such as: various events being held that are unique to Kyoto such as the Ato-matsuri (latter parade) revival of the Gion Festival and the Art Aquarium held at Nijo Castle, and Kyoto citizen's welcoming spirit; improvement on the environment to welcome foreigners such as improving Wi-Fi environment; holding a campaign during off season such as "Kyoto's summer and winter trips."

The City is planning to analyze the outcome of the results and try to revitalize the economy of the city by further promoting tourism, as well as improving the daily lives of its citizens.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Department: Tel: 075-746-2255

Publishing the Kyoto Municipal Government Report

On June 25th, 2015, a "Kyoto Municipal Government Report" which summarizes the municipal government's work history since 2011 will be published. The report was published for citizens to look back to the outcome of urban development, such as the reduction of waste, welfare, improvement of child-raising-environment, landscape preservation and so forth, which was carried out with the cooperation of the citizens and the city. And at the same time, the report was made also for citizens to look forward to the future of the city.

The report was made "quoting particular figure," and many photos, illustrations and graphs to inform the municipal government's efforts and outcomes; for example, a "Zero-waiting list for nursery schools achieved," and "the number of the derelict bicycles has been reduced to one-twentieth," and so on.

The Kyoto Municipal Government Report will be distributed for free at the information center of the city hall, ward offices and its branch offices as well as city related facilities.

[Contact] Kyoto City Policy Coordination Division: Tel: 075-222-3034

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