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May 2015

Inviting Public Opinion for the Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau's New Bureau Name

Kyoto City is now inviting public opinion for a new bureau name for the Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau.

The Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau is working on supplying safe and delicious tap water, sewerage treatment and in recent years, engaging in the maintenance of sewerage by setting quake-resistant water pipes and so forth.

This time, the city aims to change its name to a better suited one for their work criteria that is to support the life of local residents in various ways.

The acceptance period will be until August 31st, 2015.

Questionnaires will be distributed at customer centers of the Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau and each branch.

Also, public opinion can be sent via e-mail or fax.

[Contact] Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau Office Staff Branch: Tel: 075-672-7716

Kyoto City's Portal App "Hello KYOTO"

Kyoto City has released the App, "Hello KYOTO" for smart phones on May 19th, 2015, which was jointly-developed by the City and Avex Music Creative Inc.

This App was developed aiming to increase the number of Kyoto fans, also to energize local areas. It covers various types of Kyoto information including sightseeing, transportation, living, etc… integrated in one App.

It also consists a game element such where users are able to become digital citizens on the App and by showing a certificate at the information center, etc. of city hall, a limited edition sticker that is not for sale will be given. Also, interesting notifications will be available such as a "Kamo River Sitting notification" and a "Heart-broken notification" and so on. Kyoto's photos can be posted and related videos can be viewed. From now on, a function to make donations for preserving cultural heritage sites is scheduled to be added.

Please use the App "Hello KYOTO" which is filled with many of Kyoto's charms.

No application fee required except for cellular usage costs. The App can be downloaded through the City's website.

[Contact] Kyoto City Public Relation: Tel: 075-222-3094

Zero-Waiting List for Nursery Schools Achieved

On May 28th, 2015, Kyoto City reduced the number of people on waiting lists for nursery schools to zero at the beginning of this fiscal year for the second year in a row, as the first city amongst government-ordinance-designated cities in the Kansai region.

This was due to the City, setting a high-priority issue for the enhancement of a child-raising environment and it has been working through expanding both the quality and quantity of childcare.

There are mainly 4 approaches. The 1st is the expanding of a quota of children. With the opening of new nursery schools, etc., a total of 40 schools are newly opened which will secure care for 1,112 children. This is double in size from last year's number which was already a record-high.

The 2nd is expanding the day care system in elementary schools. The 3rd is to reduce the financial burden for people who use nursery school by making the fee for childcare free after the third child. The 4th is to allocate more nursery school teachers than the country's standard.

As a result, the number of children who used a nursery school or accredited children center has come to a record-high of 29,002. This means that 44% out of the number of children entering elementary schools are in nursery school, and this figure exceeds the average of 32% in government-ordinance-designated cities.

The City will continue to focus on enriching a child-raising environment by opening a new nursery school and so on for the coming year. As it stands now, the City has already secured a new quota of 623 more children from last year.

[Contact] Kyoto City Nursery Division: Tel: 075-251-2390

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