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March 2015

A part of the "Elephant Forest" has opened up in the Kyoto City Zoo

Kyoto City Zoo has opened the elephant's house called the "Elephant Forest" to the public which has been under construction. There are 4 child elephants brought in from Laos in November, 2014 plus Mito, who has been reared at the zoo from before, which makes a total of 5 elephants now in the "Elephant Forest" and visitors are able to observe these 5 elephants' lifestyles in groups.

Its rearing area's size became about 10 times larger than it used to be, and is the biggest in Japan. Also, there is a space to observe the elephants carefully through a glass window.

From now on, at the "Elephant Forest," a feeding elephant experience event is scheduled to be held. In addition, the forest is going to be designed to a more-close-to-nature environment by planting trees by this summer. The Kyoto City Zoo's ongoing 7 years redevelopment project which started in FY 2009 is due to be completed next spring.

[Contact] Kyoto City Zoo: Tel: 075-771-0210

Opening of the Ninose By-path

At 4 p.m. on March 25th, Wednesday, 2015, the "Ninose By-path" was opened in the Kurama/Shizuichi area of Sakyo-ku. With this, access to the Kurama and Kibune areas which are popular tourist destinations will be improved.

The chronic traffic jam that has occurred because of the narrow road and an increased number of a large-sized sightseeing buses is likely to be solved, thus leading to the area's security strength as well.

[Contact] Kyoto City Road Construction Division: Tel: 075-222-3577

Kyoto Culture Art Program 2020 Instituted

The "Kyoto Culture Art Program 2020" has been instituted to look ahead at various world-class sports events that are scheduled to be held in Japan, including the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020.

The program is aiming to put together various engaging projects by 2020-to further disseminate the charms of Kyoto to the world by refining Kyoto's cultural power, moreover, on the occasion when many people come to Kyoto along the way and when Japan receive remarkable attention from the world.

Starting from the current Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture "PARASOPHIA" where many art pieces of the world's leading artists are gathered and "Celebrating 400 Years of the Rimpa," the city is planning to hold various events, etc. Kyoto City also plans to enrich the city's frame through redeveloping facilities of the ROHM Theatre Kyoto and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, etc. and with efforts giving people an exposure to the culture and art education and supporting artists, etc. In FY 2020, a compilation of world-class cultural events which bring together all of Kyoto's power will be held.

[Contact] Kyoto City Culture Art Planning Division: Tel: 075-366-0033

"Regulation on Manner, etc. toward Coexisting with Animals" Regulated

Kyoto City has regulated the "Regulation on Manner, etc. toward Coexisting with Animals."

The city regulated the "Kyoto Charter on Animal Protection" in the past, and additionally until now, it has progressed an approach such as a public awareness activities on how to have dogs and cats appropriately as a pets, and supporting the "Machi-Neko activity," which is the way to handle a stray cats based on a set rules agreed upon by locals.

This regulation, besides these approaches, has the goal to create "a reviving and affluent society where people and animals can live together" by making the rules to prevent from harming others when having relationships with animal.

It states in specific as obligatory rules, "Bring an excrement bin along while dog-walking, take excrement back to your home," and "Don't feed irresponsibly to home-less animals," etc. Furthermore, in the future, the city is planning to impose a penalty for serious violations, and so forth.

[Contact] Kyoto City Healthcare Division: Tel: 075-222-4271

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