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February 2015

Kyoto Fostering Charter

Kyoto City is setting the "Kyoto Fostering Charter," as a citizen's common code of conduct which is to watch out for the safety of children who are regarded as society's treasures and to build a society where we are able to foster them in a sound and spiritually rich environment. This year is stated to be the year that priority action to protect children from the child abuse, child bullying and the risk of using smartphones must be implemented.

Also, making February 5th annually, the Day of Kyoto Fostering Charter in tribute to the date of this enactment, and every year, where various educational activities are held on this day. This year, an educational activity was held on the street in front of Kyoto Station from 4:45 p.m. From 5:45 p.m. to 10 p.m., Kyoto Tower was lit up in orange which symbolizes bright future for children.

[Contact] Kyoto City Children and Households Division: Tel: 075-251-2380

Promotion of Rural Areas: Expanding the Domestic Demand for City-grown Timber, etc.

Kyoto City has included the actions in the next year's budget plan which is to expand the demand for city-grown timber aimed at promoting forestry and to give the development assistance on specialty products in rural areas. This was planned due to domestic timber-which has been in a tough situation from pressure due to imported timber-is now getting attention because of the weakened yen. Also, the action was planned on the basis of the measure "Reinventing Rural Areas" made by the government to energize rural areas.

In specific, subsidizing some 90% of the material fees for a company who is making their company's sign board using the city-grown timber, and to improve an infrastructure of a lumber mill in Ukyoku's Keihoku area.

The city is also planning to assist the cultivation environment of "Yama-Aoi" which is grown with pure water in Ukyo's To-in area and also to support the maintenance on Japanese pickle manufacturing facility which processes the Sakyo-ku Hirogawara area's new Kyoto vegetable "Kyo-no Hanamachi Myo-ga."

From now on, the city will try to proceed with the promotion of forestry that can lead to a scenic preservation and disaster prevention by taking proper care of forests. Also to proceed, the measure to promote rural areas that can lead to the income improvement of agricultural and forestry workers who live in rural areas.

[Contact] Kyoto City Agricultural and Forestry Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3351

Signing a Basic Agreement on Setting a New Station between Kyoto Station and Tanbaguchi Station of the JR Sagano Line

Kyoto City and West Japan Railway have just concluded an agreement on setting the new station between Kyoto and Tanbaguchi Station of JR Sagano Line. The detailed planning will be scheduled to be held from now on and the actual construction work will start in 2016. It is due to open in the spring of 2019. Its operating cost will likely to be around 4.9 billion yen, and the city is planning to subsidize 1.5 billion yen of that.

The maintenance place will be around the entrance area of Umekoji Park, on the Shichijo street side. With the project, the access to Kyoto Station's west area will be improved dramatically, where many attractive destinations can be found, such as: Kyoto Aquarium, Umekoji Park where Kyoto Railway Museum is due to open in 2016 spring, Kyoto Central Wholesale Market and Shimabara area where Kyoto's Hana-machi culture still exists.

From now on, the city will proceed in an urban development to create a people and public transportation-friendly city with a focus on new stations, not only in Kyoto Station's west area, but also to help revitalize other parts of the city.

[Contact] Kyoto City Citizen Coproduction Policy Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3176

Kyoto Fostering App

Kyoto City has just started to provide the service of the "Kyoto Fostering App" for smart phones aiming to give child-support information to many people.
It has 5 major functions, such as:

  1. - to release up-to-date information each day on child raising consultation and gathering and so forth corresponding to the previously registered section on activity area or child's age, etc.
  2. - to provide a search function for child support centers such as nursery schools, children's houses, etc. where they can be used when unexpected diaper changes or breast feedings must be done while outside the home.
  3. - to provide a navigation function regarding the child-support facilities and event sites.
  4. - is a search/browse function with over 200 child-support measures of Kyoto City.
  5. - is a diary function as to keep a record of the child's height, weight and photographs, etc.

All of these functions are free to use, but users are required to cover any cellular fees. The App can be downloaded from the "Kyoto City Child Raising Support Website."

[Contact] Kyoto City Children and Households Division: Tel: 075-251-2380

Kyoto City Shakeout Drill

"Kyoto City Shakeout Drill"
Date/Time: March 11 (Wed.), 2015 From 9:30 a.m.
Venue: Each household, school and workplace

"What is shakeout drill?"
When you were in schools, you probably remember the experience of hiding under a desk at the announcement on school drills held on days of disaster prevention, and so forth. But these opportunities are rarely held at companies and homes. If people are not exercising these drills routinely, their bodies forget how to move when disasters occur, so, with this "Kyoto City shakeout drill," let's hide under desks all together with Kyoto City's announcement.
The drill goes like this (the same as you experienced at schools):
 "Crouch low!"
 "Protect your head and body!"
 "Stay where you are until the shaking stops!"

How to participate the Kyoto City Shakeout Drill
The Kyoto City shakeout drill is scheduled to be held from 9:30 a.m. on March 11 (Wed.), 2015. For the starting sign of the drill, please provide the following to the members who are going to participate: make an announcement, blow the whistle making beeps or create the sound of an emergency earthquake alert system, and so on. Please stay calm until the starting signal is made. When you hear the starting signal, please do your action immediately assuming that the earthquake has happened.
(Kyoto City will send the urgent quick e-mail on the drill after couple minutes from 9:30 a.m. This e-mail is not aimed to be used for the sign of starting the drill.)

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