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December 2015

Collecting of Small Waste Metal & Spray Cans at Ward Offices Started

From December 2015, collecting of "small waste metals and spray cans" started on the same day of collecting "used papers & clothing" at ward offices and branch offices.

This is to further progress on separating and recycling waste by adding new opportunity to emit "small waste metals and spray cans" which used to be one-time monthly regular collection.

The list for the collectible items will be waste metals which their longest part should be shorter than about 30 cm long, and spray cans and butane gas cartridges. For spray cans and butane gas cartridges, please burn out (but do not open hole yourself) and take off caps. Edged tools, needle disposables and batteries are excluded from the collectible items list.

The collecting date differs depending on the ward offices/branches, but it will be the same date with the present 2 collection days of used paper & clothing. Please bring in above items in a semi-transparent bag.

The City is aiming to reduce waste by half of its peak by FY 2020 through working on reduction of waste, separating and recycling by working together with companies and citizens.

To further make efforts to decrease waste, the City will ask for your understanding and cooperation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Town Beautification Promotion Division: Tel: 075-213-4960

Mechanical Underground Bicycle Parking Opened in Front Square of Kyoto City Hall

At 3:00 pm on December 19th, 2015, a mechanical underground bicycle parking was opened at the Kyoto City Hall's front square.

This parking was made to use the underground as an effective way so that it didn't give major influence to the surrounding landscape. Although the place is not that big, it offers 408 spaces for bicycles to be parked. The place was made to be highly secured from stealing bicycle and also planned well to prevent falling or accidental contact from occurring. The place is operated 24 hours and an average time reported to park bicycle only takes about 13 seconds.

The fee is 150 yen for a-temporary day use; 2,700 yen for a monthly pass. It will be 2,500 yen for the disabled and students for monthly use. For monthly use, please contact to the Kyoto City Urban Development Public Corporation (Tel: 075-361-7431).

Kyoto City has been working on strengthening the development of bicycle parking spaces, removing derelict bicycles and promoting in educational activities in collaboration with local citizens, etc. As a result, the number of the derelict bicycles has been reduced to one out of 27 compared to 14 years ago (FY 2001).

The City will request further cooperation in efforts in eliminating dangerous derelict bicycles which block traffic for pedestrians, wheelchair users, emergency vehicles, and so forth.

[Contact] Kyoto City Bicycle Policy Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3565

Kyoto City's Fire Preventing Ordinance

Kyoto City has revised its "Fire Prevention Ordinance."

The City, which has many wooden buildings used to have the most frequent fire disasters amongst major cities in the past. In response to this, the City had worked on fire preventing activities by getting cooperation from citizens through organizing a voluntary disaster prevention team, a fire company and a neighborhood community association, etc. and it has led the City to the least fire occurring major city at present.

The ordinance was revised aiming to have a lesser fire disasters than now and it reinforces to tackle preventing from arson, which is the No. 1 cause of the fire cases 39 years in a row. In order to achieve this, the ordinance specifies some contents which citizens are required to play an active role to make sincere efforts.

For example, to lock the door of buildings or barns tightly and not to put flammable items in surrounding spaces, and for arson prevention, keep adequate lighting during night time by putting automatic lights when people approach, etc. Also to participate in neighbor's look-around activity willingly and so forth are specified in the ordinance.

[Contact] Kyoto City Fire Department General Section: Tel: 075-212-6623

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