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November 2015

Widening Construction Work of Sidewalks on Shijo Street Completed

As for a part of the "Walking City, Kyoto Project," which prioritizes for people and public transportation, the construction work regarding the widening of the sidewalk of Shijo Street has been completed.

Until now, on Shijo Street, the 3.5 meter one-lane sidewalk was becoming more crowded with about 7,000 people passing through every hour. On the contrary, in the road of 15 meters in width, users were about 2,200 per hour thus proving that space was mostly occupied by cars than pedestrians. The plan to improve this situation was triggered originally by getting requests from locals in FY 2005. Since then, big-scale social experiments and many discussions were held with citizens, business operators and other related institutions which took eight years until reaching its consensus and the actual construction work started last year.

With the construction work, the sidewalk was enlarged up to double its size between Karasuma and Kawabata Street, jetty-terrace style bus stops were installed, and also couple bus stops were integrated. Additional access space to briefly stop (max 5 mins.) for vehicles while loading/unloading cargo or people were created.
Considering taxi users, two new taxi stands were set in front of Daimaru and Takashimaya Department Stores.

After learning a lesson from huge traffic jams that have been causing during the cherry blossom season, the City had worked through all kinds of efforts such as calling citizens "not to drive in the area with their private cars," and a special effort to shortening the stop over time of buses. As a result, currently, the street condition gone back to normal levels. The City will further work through enhancing the "Park & Ride Project" and reviewing the traffic signal control by cooperating with Kyoto Prefectural Police, and so forth.

Please come to this newly renovated area of Shijo Street by city bus, subway or taxi. For privately owned cars, please cooperate to detour the surrounding area.

[Contact] Kyoto City Walking Town Kyoto Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3483

Financial Incentive Project Regarding the Bone Marrow Donors Started

On November 1st, 2015, the "Financial Incentive Project for Bone Marrow Donors" started, which is to promote bone marrow donation and to make registration numbers for its donors.

At the moment, the number of people who are in need of bone marrow transplants [=BMT] treatment because of Leukemia, etc. is increasing by 2,000 every year. At present, about 1,500 patients are waiting for a BMT.
A probability of being a viable donor for BMT is one fourth between brothers and sisters and if it is not between relatives, the probability decreases into one in a hundred to one in ten thousand.

There are some cases where it's not possible to do a BMT due to the health status of the donor candidate. To make the opportunity increase for recipients to have treatment, more cooperation from many people is needed.

This project is to subsidize financial incentive for bone-marrow donors. The amount will be 20,000 yen per day for a hospital visit to do a health check and a hospital stay for a bone-marrow harvest. For a one-time BMT, up to 140,000 yen will be subsidized.

Eligibility is for people who live in the City and who have done a Bone-marrow donation through the Japan Marrow Donor Program after April 1st, 2015.

To make as much support as possible for those who are in need, please understand and cooperate in the registration of the bone-marrow donor and bone-marrow harvesting program.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Medical Division: Tel: 075-222-3419

Contract on Public Work Basic Ordinance Regulation Established

On November 11th, 2015, the "Contract on Public Work Basic Ordinance" was established, which is to state the rules regarding contract when Kyoto City places orders for public works, janitorial jobs and so on.

This regulation is aimed for small and medium-sized companies in the City to win public work orders more than before and as a result will hopefully revitalize the City's economy.

There are 4 major points regarding regulation.

First, by stating a general rule of making orders to small and medium-sized companies within the City, it is aimed to expand opportunities for small and medium-sized companies in the City to win public jobs.

Second, securing decent working conditions for employees. When ordering public works (within specified amounts or more), the contractor or the subcontractor are required to submit a report as to whether there is a legal violation on wages, etc. or not will be determined. If such legal violations are found, and there is no sign of improvement, the contractor's name might be released or termination of eligibility for bids will be imposed.

Third, to make public works to be implemented fairly and secure their quality. By evaluating the status of performance, etc., preventing the order receipt with unfairly low prices.

Fourth, resolving a social challenge through getting orders of public works, etc. Those companies challenging social issues will get an extra point when bidding, such as child raising support, energizing the local community and environmental protection.

The City will further work on increasing jobs for small and medium-sized companies in Kyoto and also to achieve decent working conditions based on these regulations.

[Contact] Kyoto City Contract Division: Tel: 075-222-3311

"Okazaki Area's Electric Railway Concierge" Opened

On December 5th, a new tourist information center called the "Okazaki Area's Electric Railway Concierge" will be opened. This concierge is aimed at introducing many charms of the Okazaki area within Sakyo ward which possesses a number of cultural institutions, popular temples and shrines, beautiful gardens and so on.

Kyoto City is now working to develop the area in cooperation with locals to enhance the attractiveness of the Okazaki area, where about 5 million people visit annually and also attempt to make this project a driving power to boost the entire city.

Many new facilities have been opened within the area. This year, Jingu-michi Street was developed to the "Okazaki Promenade," a pedestrian zone, and the "Kyoto City Zoo" completed its 7-year-long redevelopment project. Moreover, on January 10th, 2016, the "ROHM Theatre Kyoto," designed to be a center for culture will be opened.

The "Okazaki Area's Electric Railway Concierge" is provided as a general tourist information center to introduce visitors efficiently to move around within the area that has too many spots for sightseeing within a single day. To make the concierge spots attractive and also to draw attention, an ex-electric railway running in the area in the past, will be renovated and used.

At the concierge, staff who have passed the 1st grade of Kyoto's Expert Certification and others will reside and will introduce facilities, events, eatery information and the best spots to view cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

The concierge will be set at the south west corner of Jingu-michi and Nijo. The approach, all exits and entrances, will be made to be barrier-free. During the night, the spot will be lit up and a beautiful night scenery will be added to the area.

It will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Generally, closed on Mondays, but it will be closed on the next day when that day is a national holiday. Also it will be closed from December 28th to 31st.

[Contact] Kyoto City Citizen Coproduction Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-4178

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