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October 2015

Integrated Strategy "Town, People, Work and Heart – Kyoto Creation" Instituted

On September 29th, 2015, Kyoto has instituted a guideline to proceed with the "Revitalizing Locals" plan, which is named "Town, People, Work and Heart – Kyoto Creation." Kyoto is the first city to institute such guidelines among government-ordinance-designated cities.

This strategy is aiming to improve the situation such as – a rapid population decrease, an excess concentration of population and industry in the Tokyo area that leads to economic stagnation and a decrease in tax revenue; thus facing a decline in welfare service quality, a manpower shortage in the field of preserving traditional culture – by getting cooperation with "citizen power" and "local power" that the City can be proud of.

As to deal with a dwindling population and making social conditions stable, the City believes above all, that it is important to make citizens' dreams come true for marriage, childbearing and raising children, etc. and at the same time, to improve the current birth ratio (indicating the estimate figure of women bearing children) of 1.26 to make it improved to 2.07 by FY 2040.

Therefore, the strategy states that the citizens and the administration should take the problem of population decrease as "your own," and for "everyone's sake." As for specific measures, the strategy incorporates a total of 96 projects, and amongst them, 26 projects are designed for citizens and private entities to focus on.

From now on, based on this strategy, the city will promote on supporting marriage and child raising, measure to increase visitors and newcomers to Kyoto, industrial development and job creation, also to build a society where creating spiritually affluent lifestyles, and to make the City further secure as a safe and attractive place.

[Contact] Kyoto City Creation Strategy Division: Tel: 075-222-3978

"Shimatsu-no-Kokoro" Regulation Started

The regulation of "Shimatsu-no-Kokoro" has started on October 1st, 2015, which is aiming to reduce waste by half of its peak while getting cooperation from enterprises and citizens.

This regulation is based on two pillars: One is to "Reduce," while trying not to make waste in the first place, and to "Reuse," which is to reuse things and expressed with the 2Rs; the second one is to further efforts for separating and recycling waste.

As for aiming to accelerate the 2Rs, the City has set 6 major fields within manufacturing and retail, etc. and is requesting citizens to decrease leftovers (to the zero level) and bring their own bags when they go shopping. To the enterprises, the City requests are to simplify packaging, etc. As one part of this, almost all the super markets in the City will make charge for plastic bags.

As for strengthening efforts for separating waste, all the items - "Recyclable Papers" including leaflets, miscellaneous papers and newspapers, and "Recyclable Waste" such as empty cans and bottles collected on a regular basis – became mandatory to be separated.

For garbage bags, which have not had their waste separated, a defaulting seal will be put on it and will be not collected for the purpose of enlightening citizens. When no improvements are seen despite of repetitive cautionary notices, the city will identify the offender, and might enforce a garbage bag opening inquiry, etc. as a last resort, which aims to give stricter instructions to the offender.

To further make an effort to decrease waste, the City will ask for your understanding and cooperation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Waste Reduction Promotion Division: Tel: 075-213-4930


From October 23rd to December 14th, an "Art Aquarium Castle" will be held during the night time at the World Heritage "Nijo Castle," located at Horikawa Nijo in Nakagyo ward. This is to produce various kinds of aquariums in which bright colored goldfish and Nishikigoi carp swim with a directorial technique using light and music. This is a sole event that is held outdoor amongst nationwide "Art Aquariums" which attracted 5.5 million people across the country. Last year was the first event held at Nijo Castle and attracted 300,000 people. This year, the event is stated as one of 400th year anniversary festivals of Rinpa.

On this occasion, the inner garden at Ninomaru Palace, which is generally closed to the public, will be opened. Here, art work expressing O-oku (the inner halls of the Edo Castle) and art works using techniques of Rinpa will be expressed on a 3-meter-width gigantic goldfish aquarium. Projection mapping will be shown on the 12 folding screen as well.

In front of the garden, there will be a "Night-festival BAR" and "Tea Ceremony Seating" set offering Kyoto's saké and Kyoto flavored oden, Japanese pickles and Japanese confectioneries, etc. which can be savored while enjoying the festival's mystic atmosphere. Please come and spend a gorgeous autumn night at the "Art Aquarium Castle"!!!

Period: October 23rd – December 14th, 2015
Time: 17:00-22:00 (last entry by 21:30)
Entry: ¥1,600 (adults), ¥1,000 (4 years old – elementary school children)
*Reservation is not required.

[Contact] Kyoto City Culture and Art Promotion Division: Tel: 075-366-0033

Regarding the My Number System

As the My Number (national identification) System has started on October, 2015, the announcement letter which your number was written on will be sent (in easy registered form) in order to your resident-registered address.

This system is aiming to improve the convenience for citizens, building a fair and equitable society and promote efficiency in administrative management by giving out a number to all the nationals.

The procedure at the ward office will be simplified, and gathering information will be easier by using My Number.

This system will also provides protection against receiving fraudulent benefits or not getting benefits.

Starting from January, 2016, My Number will be requested when going through administrative procedure such as social welfare and tax money matters, so please make sure to keep the notice letter in an orderly manner.

Moreover, if you register through either the registration form enclosed in the notice letter, or your smartphone, the personal number card will be issued after January, 2016. This personal card will be issued with no charge and it can be used as official identification, and also it will make the process easier when using my number.

In connection with adopting the My Number system, the government has done accumulated countermeasures to protect personal information from leaking, etc.

There will be no possibility that public institutions can request personal information via telephone, etc. Please be aware and be cautious that there might be a fraudulent practice asking for your personal information or requesting money, etc.

Kyoto City My Number System Planning and Coordination Room: Tel: 075-222-4113
Kyoto City Community Association Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3085

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