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January 2015

Marking a 400 year Anniversary this year after the Birth of Rimpa

The year 2015 is a commemorative year after 400 years of Rimpa's birth. "Rimpa" can be traced back to a major genealogy of Japanese beauty, in which origin was Honami Koetsu, born in Kyoto who played an active role as an artist during the early Edo period. Their peculiar styles of designing, including a bold composition and repetition made with katagami (cut paper stencil) and so forth have been inherited in a timeless way, and it widely affected the traditional craft and industries including not just paintings but also costumes, lacquer work, ceramics, folding screens, and now attracting even overseas people as well.

This commemorative year of Rimpa, reaching a major milestone, many kinds of exhibitions and traditional industries' events will be held in cooperation with Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefectural and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From January 10th, Saturday to March 18th, Wednesday, a Kyoto's winter trip will be held which will feature the opening of a generally undisclosed cultural property including the works related to Koetsu and Ogata Korin.

[Contact] Kyoto City Culture and Art Promotion Division: Tel: 075-366-0033

"Let's Present My Choco (small sake cup)!" Campaign

Kyoto City is now holding the campaign "Let's present My Choco (small sake cup)," which is a call for citizens to present a Ochoco (small sake cup) made with Kyo-yaki or Kiyomizu-yaki to loved ones along with a Nishijin's choco bag and Kyoto's saké for Valentine's day in February.

This is a campaign conducted by the "KYO-MONO is COOL!" planning committee in which members are mainly young craftsmen who would lead the future's traditional industry field. They launched the campaign aiming to disseminate the charms of "KYO-MONO," Kyoto's traditional industrials at home and abroad. The city is supporting their challenge for energizing the traditional industry.

Now, as the part of the campaign, Valentine's gift items and related panels are exhibited at the 2F event space in the Kyoto Station Building. From January 24th, Ochoco's limited sale will be held on the 2F of the Kyoto Station Building's Kyoto Saryo.

[Contact] Kyoto City Traditional Industry Division: Tel: 075-222-3337

"Kyoto Charter on Animal Protection" Regulated

Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefecture have concluded the "Kyoto Charter on Animal Protection" which is the first of this kind amongst local governments throughout the country. This aims to being a polestar for every single citizen to think and act on the role of animal protection in doing to "create the reviving and affluent society where people and animals can live together."

The charter states 5 goals, including "Be kind to animals," "Let's make the bonding a precious thing with animals until the last moment," and "Let's build a city which is comfortable both for people and animals." It also indicates as an example of particular efforts, which are to: "Tell children about the value of animal lives," "Those who have a pet are required to live together with them as a precious family member till the pet's death," and "Basically, dogs should eliminate at home and owners should take back excrement while dog-walking," and so forth.

The city will conduct the on-site training of teaching the value of animal life and how to relate with animals correctly under the charter principle, using the Kyoto Animal Protection Center as an activity base which is due to be open in April, 2015.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Medical Service Division: Tel: 075-222-3411

Business Consultation Service for Small and Medium-sized Companies

To support the small and medium-sized companies who have fallen on hard times due to the rapid weakened yen and so forth, the city is now setting 5 spots in the city where people are able to get information freely on exploitable supportive measures and business consultation, etc.
The consultation service spot will be at the 4 branch offices of Rakuou, Rakuhoku, Rakusai and Rakunan's of the Small and Medium-sized Companies Business Supporting Center of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Keihoku Commerce and Industry Association.

The consultation service at the each branch office of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm of weekdays. From 8:30 am to 5:15 pm at the Keihoku Commerce and Industry Association. Please feel free to inquire.

[Contact] Kyoto City Small and Medium-sized Companies Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3329

Formulating the Initial Budget Plan FY 2015

Kyoto City is now in the process of formulating the FY 2015 budget plan. Its budget scale is likely to be about 750 billion yen, exceeding about 10 billion yen from the FY 2014. Despite the severe fiscal circumstance, the city enabled to ensure the finances by cutting back on about 150 staff, and so forth.

The 4 pillars of the budget plan, which are: "Stimulating the economy by taking advantage of Kyoto's sightseeing, universities, small and medium sized companies," "Further cultivating Kyoto's charms especially culture, art and scenery," "Enhancement of the country's top-level child raising environment, and education," "Making a safe and secure city in cooperation with all citizens." In particular, set up a committee toward the utilization and promotion of hot springs in the city, holding the opening event for the ROHM Theatre Kyoto which is opening in January, 2016 and increasing in more than 1,000 staff as to maintain the zero-waiting list for nursery schools. Others include the implementation of the measurement on regional heavy rains, making buildings and bridges earthquake resistant, etc.

The budget plan will be discussed at the city council, which will be held from now.

[Contact] Kyoto City Local Finance Division: Tel: 075-222-3291

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