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September 2014

New Support System for Children and Child-raising

The "New Support System for Children and Child-raising" is scheduled to be started in April, 2014 which is due to the legislation passed by the government.

This is aiming for the enhancement on volume and quality improvement on infantile education, nursery and support for the child-raising in local areas, and at the same time, resolving the waiting-list for entering nursery schools. Along with the new system, the people who wish to enter their child into either nursery schools or a part of kindergarten in Kyoto City will need to be certified by the city. The certification will be classified in response to the child's age, the presence or absence of nursery demand, etc. The utilizable facility and nursery time and term may vary with the classification.

For those who are already using nursery schools, etc. they need to file the application once more to continue. Please make sure to confirm and submit the form which was distributed at nursery schools, etc. from early September, 2014.

For details of New Support System for Children and Child-raising, please refer to the leaflet that was distributed from Sep. 16th at information centers of city hall, ward offices, branch offices and nursery schools, etc. or our website.

[Contact] Kyoto City Nursery Section: Tel: 075-251-2390

Mr. Koyama Kundo took up his position as Director of Kyoto-kan

The broadcast writer, Mr. Koyama Kundo has taken up his position as the director of Kyoto-kan, which will be the hub to disseminate Kyoto City information in Tokyo.

Mr. Koyama is famous for creating the YuRu character "KUMA-MON," as well as writing the script for "Departures," which won the Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film and also producing the "Ironman of Cooking" and many other excellent programs. He has been playing an active role in a wide variety of fields such as doing management work for a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, etc.

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, etc. held in 2020, Kyoto City will further strengthen their PR in the Tokyo region such as set up and run the Kyoto-kan, etc. while getting help from Mr. Koyama who gained his vast knowledge from the front line of advertising and in the broadcasting field.

[Contact] Kyoto City Industry Administration Division: Tel: 075-222-3333

Cooperation Requested for the Collection of Unnecessary Small Appliances

Kyoto City has been working on an effort for reducing waste and efficient use of resources. Starting from Oct. 1st, 2014, the list for collectible items of unnecessary small appliances will be expanded and the collection procedure will be improved.

Until now, the list for the collectible items was limited to 34 items, but from now on, all the items which are smaller than 15cms long, 25cms wide appliances´╝Źexceptions: TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, cloth dryers and personal computers´╝Źwill be included to the new list.

For the collecting procedure, there will be a collecting box set at the ward office, branch office, city clean-up office and shopping centers, and also the trial practice of door-to-door collecting using parcel delivery service by sign up via the internet will be available. With this system, large sized items, such as the personal computers will be collected with a charge for delivery. Please refer to the website for further information.

[Contact] Kyoto City Reducing Waste Promotion Section: Tel: 075-213-4930

Opening Project for "ROHM Theatre Kyoto" Decided

Now under redevelopment, Kyoto Kaikan Hall which is located in Sakyoku's Okazaki Park will be opened, rebirthed as "ROHM Theatre Kyoto" on January 10th, 2016. In commemoration of the opening, the yearlong opening project has been decided.

The project was chosen by an Exploratory Committee which was led by the head of the committee, a conductor, Mr. Seiji Ozawa and its concept is "Creating 'theatre culture' in Kyoto." The project includes introductory opera performance targeting elementary school children which will be performed by the music academy led by Mr. Seiji Ozawa for the first time in Japan, and other performances including sponsored programs and Japanese Traditional Dance Special Performances by citizens, and an Original Opera played by Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, and Kyoto Experiment 2014, plus many more.

From now, the city will additionally make public announcements on attractive projects, aiming to make the place where citizens can express and experience cultural art while being a great communication spot.

For details, please refer to the leaflets that are distributed at the Kyoto Concert Hall located near No. 1 and 3 exit of Kitayama Station of Subway Karasuma Line, etc. or our website.

[Contact] ROHM Theatre Kyoto Opening Preparation Section: Tel: 075-746-3355

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