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August 2014

Kyoto City and Kyoto Prefectural Police Concluded Agreement in Collaboration

Kyoto City in collaboration with Kyoto Prefectural Police have concluded an agreement on strengthening further cooperation to make a Kyoto the "World's No. 1 City of Secure, Safety, and Omotenashi spirit."

Kyoto City's number of crimes recorded in FY 2013 had fallen to one-half compared from 10 years ago, but the crimes which the elderly, children and women becoming victims to are on the rise since the beginning of 2014. Because the Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics, etc. will be held in 2020, Kyoto City is required to become an even safer and more secure city. Thus, Kyoto City will advance its effort while taking advantage of local power, human resources with getting all citizens in cooperation in Kyoto to make the city safe & secure.

In particular, providing measures appropriate to each district, such as growing flowers in local areas and pedestrian walkways as well as cleanup activities, crime-prevention patrols and strengthening a watch-out for the safety of children, etc.

From now on, Kyoto City and the Kyoto Prefectural Police will set up a promotion office by FY2014 and start an operation in model areas and set policies. Starting from FY 2015, implementing services serially in all regions, and the city will try hard for the realization to make a city where all people can live safely with smiles, keeping in faith Kyoto's ideology of kindness and omotenasih spirit, in cooperation with its citizens.

[Contact] Kyoto City Life Safety Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-4164

Inviting Public Opinion for the Design of "Kyoto Future Tourism Promotion Plan"

Kyoto City is now inviting public opinion for the "Kyoto Future Tourism Promotion Plan," which is now in the process of coordination to enhance the further tourism promotion toward the FY 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics, etc.

The advisory panel, consisting of a team of specialists, a citizenry committee, put the plan together. With this plan, Kyoto City aims to create a city which is secure, safe and full of gentle-heartedness, preserving and inheriting its great scenery and tradition, cultural properties, etc. At the same time, the plan is also aimed at making citizens' lives financially better due to economic increases from the growth in tourism.

The goal is to raise the percentage of people feel like they "would like to come back to Kyoto again," "would like to recommend a Kyoto tour to their friend," and "was moved by the Kyoto people's omotenashi spirit" to 100%. Future aims include raising the tourism consumption amount to 1 trillion yen, and raising the number of foreign tourist who stay to over 3 million per year. To achieve these goals, the city's approach includes "making the opportunity for citizens to experience the charms of Kyoto," "strengthening the dissemination of Kyoto's attractiveness towards the Tokyo Olympics, etc.," and "preparing a foreigner friendly environment," etc.

The details of the "Kyoto Future Tourism Promotion Plan" can be checked through a leaflet that is distributed at the City Hall information center, ward offices, branch offices, etc. and the website. The public opinion will be invited until Sep. 16, 2014.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Section: Tel: 075-746-2255

City General Emergency Drill Conducted in Higashiyama Area

A General Emergency Drill which is held every year was conducted from 9:00 to 11:30 am on August 30th in the Higashiyama area where many tourist facilities are gathered. This is to minimize damage by cooperating with citizens and related institutions to cope with a large-scale disaster if and when it occurs.

This year the assumption was that a level 7 earthquake that directly hit the city center occurred, setting the main site around Kiyomizu Temple, Kodai-ji Temple and the Kyoto National Museum. The drill included discharging water from citizen's fire-hydrants, transporting materials, emergency drills for the cultural properties, operating of evacuation centers, etc. and totally, about 5,000 local people, business facilities and related institutions have attended the training. To establish a secure and friendly city for tourists if and when disasters occur, training for people who have difficulty returning-home was held which was intended for field trip students & tourists.

On the drilling day, part of the street of Yamato Oji Street around the one of main drilling facilities of the Kyoto National Museum closed the roads to cars. Thank you for all the people's understanding and cooperation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Disaster Risk Management Section: Tel: 075-212-6792

City Tax Collecting Rate of FY 2013 became Record-high: 14.3 billion yen Increased Revenue Compared to 20 years ago

The city tax of Kyoto City accounts more than 30% of income, which is essential for various project such as the social welfare, economic revitalization, etc. The collection rate of the city tax of FY 2013 (97.6%) became a record high, and this was because the whole city tried hard continuously for disseminating the understanding for tax payments by giving a thorough explanation, and at the same time, strengthening the retention of savings for achieving a fairness on tax payments, etc.

The earnings growth effect of FY2013 was about 500 million yen compared to the FY 2012 (97.2%). The collection rate was the worst among government-designated cities in FY 1994 (91.9%), but in 2013 this changed to become No. 3 after Nagoya and Yokohama.

[Contact] Kyoto City Collecting Control Division: Tel: 075-213-5215

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