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May 2014

No. 1 Central Market's Facility Redevelopment Plan instituted

Kyoto City has instituted the Central Wholesale Market's No. 1 Market Facilities & Redevelopment Basic Plan based on its Citizen's opinion.

The No. 1 Market located on Shichijo Shin Sen-bon in Shimogyo-ku has been offering fresh and safe food to its citizens since its opening.

On the second Saturday of every month, a Food Market is held where locals can directly buy fresh food. Here, locals can have fun with one-coin fish sales, fish cutting classes held by chefs from Ryoteis (exquisite traditional Japanese restaurants), and other events. At the Ajiwaikan: Kyoto's Food and Culture Museum, the city is disseminating to inherit and development food culture of Japan through exhibiting the Kyoto-made vegetables, seasonal obanzai (homemade dishes), and holding cooking classes, etc.

Meanwhile, because of the surrounding situation of the No. 1 market getting severe, such as the buildings getting older, increasing of other distributional fields, the need to correspond to such situations is also important. Thus, to try making building space-saving, its building is planned to become multistoried. Also, a policy to make the sanitary management level much higher than now is included in the basic plan. A direction in which to collaborate with neighboring regions through organizing the bustling area, etc. is also stated in the plan.

The city will proceed with the project in the aim of completing the facility redevelopment by the year 2025.

[Contact] Kyoto City No. 1 Market of the Central Wholesale Market: Tel: 075-311-6251

Kyoto City Hall Buildings Maintenance Basic Plan instituted

Kyoto City has instituted the City Hall Buildings Maintenance Basic Plan in March 2014. The present building of the city hall was built in the beginning of the Showa period and its buildings have historical and cultural values as modern architectures.

On the other hand, it has many problems in risk management, efficient office works, public administration works, such as earthquake-resistance weakening, buildings getting older, shortage in office space, etc.

To tackle these problems, the basic plan is stating that it will preserve its exterior appearance by adding earthquake-resistance functionality to the main hall and the city assembly hall. For the west and north buildings, they will be rebuilt. For the newly-construct building, a risk management center will be installed.

Also, in the basic plan consist of the mission of "the city hall for the citizens," it is planned to make the place more citizen-friendly, a citizen's gallery and exhibition corner will be installed. Moreover, to make the facilities useful for everyone, elevator, slopes and multi-functional toilets will be installed.

The city will try to be environmentally-conscious by using the renewable energy of solar power generation, the abundant of Kyoto's groundwater, etc. The plan will start in 2014, the project is planned to be completed by the year 2022.

[Contact] Kyoto City Government Facilities Management Section: Tel: 075-222-3965

The first Bus Station opened

Kyoto City Transportation Bureau has been working to install roofs and benches at bus stops which are used by 320,000 customers a day.

This time, to make waiting times comfortable at bus stops, a Bus Station has been set at 3 places in Kiyomizu-michi, Minami Uzumasa and Shijo Kawaramachi. At the Bus Station, roofs and benches that are best matched to the surrounding scenery are set, also a Buses Approaching display will be installed.

The part of the land and building that is needed for this improvement, some of them are provided for free by landowners. From now on, to make the bus stops more safe and comfortable, the city will continue to work with locals and business operators to establish more of these bus stations.

[Contact] Kyoto City Transportation Bureau Automobile Engineer Section: Tel: 075-863-5154

A new space in Gion Shinbashi for disseminating Kyoto's charms

Kyoto City has decided to lend a traditional building which was donated from a citizen in 2013 to the private enterprise as to use it effectively for disseminating the attractiveness of Kyoto. Right now, the city is raising eager enterprises to anyone who can give a presentation on how they will be used.

As a member of a selecting committee, a famous TV/radio writer, Mr. Koyama Kundo will be scheduled to join who is famous for creating the KUMAMON character.

The city will lend the building to the selected enterprise for about 10 years, expecting the company to disseminate Kyoto's culture to the world by creating new charms and also trying to preserve the town and atmosphere of the Gion Shinbashi area where tourists visit from all over the world. This new place will be open within the year 2015. The applications for the deadline will be September 30th.

[Contact] Kyoto City Scenery Policy Section: Tel: 075-222-3397

Separation and Recycling of Used papers start

Kyoto City will try reducing garbage by less than half the amount by 2020 compared to the year 2000 which produced the greatest amount of garbage ever.

Starting from June, to proceed with reducing more garbage and also its effective utilization, the city started the separation and recycling of the used papers in all areas of the city. So what will be the definition of used paper? These include: wrapping paper, paper bags, paper boxes, envelopes and postcards which can be recycled. Compared to newspapers and cardboard, these papers have not been recycled much in the past. More than half of the burnable-rubbish coming out from the households is these recyclable papers, and working on the separation and recycling of paper, it is expected to reduce much of the rubbish.

For these recyclable papers, please give them to your community collecting either at your local town or apartment, etc. or give them to the private paper recycling companies.

City is expecting your understanding and cooperation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Beautification Promotion Section: Tel: 075-213-4960

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