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April 2014

Further charm added to Nishikyo-goku Sogo Athletics Park and Kyoto City Zoo

This is update news from Kyoto City about the Nishikyo-goku Sogo Athletics Park and Kyoto City Zoo where new enchantments are being added.

The Hannaryz Arena/Kyoto City Gymnastic located inside the Nishikyo-goku Sogo Athletics Park in Ukyo-ku, which has been operating for 50 years since its opening and because its buildings are getting old, this time the building has been renovated to a new gymnastic facility suitable for "Spectator and Spotting venues" by adding earthquake strengthening and a new elevator, making individual seating etc. On April 12 (Sat.) and 13 (Sun.), 2014, as for the renewal opening ceremony of Hannaryz Arena, the Basket Ball bj league "Kyoto Hannaryz vs. Oita Heatdevils" game was held.

Furthermore, for the Kyoto City Zoo which is located in Okazaki park in Sakyo-ku, the new "Gorilla's house" was additionally opened on April 27 (Sun.) 2014. Visitors are able to observe closely the distinctive behavior pattern of gorillas in the exhibition space imitating a real forest where wild gorillas live. Please stop by to this newly improved zoo this spring!

[Contact] Kyoto City Sport Organizer: Tel: 075-366-0168; Kyoto City Zoo: Tel: 075-771-0210

Making the 3 Facilities Integrated and Enhancing Function By Strengthening Cooperation

Kyoto City has decided to make the 3 centers which are the "Rehabilitation Center for the Physically Handicapped," "Mental Health Enhancement Center" and "Child Welfare Center" to be integrated at one place for the purpose of enhancing and strengthening of welfare for the handicapped and children.

Making each facility's function improved, and also by working together and setting the total consultation service for 3 disorders all together such as physical, intellectual, mental, this will lead to giving adequate support for those who also have overlapping disabilities. Moreover, by strengthening the cooperative framework, the contiguous support for children will become available.

The new facility will be built on the north side of the Kyoto City Hospital in Nakagyo-ku. The "Hospital for the Rehabilitation Center for the Physically Handicapped" will be shut down before the end of March 2015 and "Mental Health Enhancement Center" will be moved inside the "Rehabilitation Center for the Physically Handicapped" within FY 2016.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Welfare Administration Division: Tel: 075-222-3366

"Public Facilities Management Basic Plan" Instituted

The public facilities owned by Kyoto City have been played a great role as the hub for a citizen's base or local community. But because these facilities were mainly built during a high economic growth time, now, most of its facilities are getting outdated.

Now is also the time to respond to the requirement from the society about handling wide-scale disasters, shifting to a low-carbon & recycling-oriented society, and corresponding to the severe budget squeezes, etc.

In response to these requirements, Kyoto City has instituted the "Public Facilities Management Basic Plan" to appropriately maintain the owning of public facilities as assets, to move ahead on the efforts to use them effectively, step by step. This plan includes extending the longevity of the buildings by maintaining public facilities effectively and efficiently, and also by reviewing the number of assets to make them optimized.

From now on, using this plan as a base, and also cooperating with other political fields, Kyoto City will progress the maintenance of public facilities by making them high-quality and valuable, secure and safe.

[Contact] Kyoto City Asset Utilization and Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3281

"Concept for the Future Vision of Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art" Instituted

The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art located in the Okazaki Park of Sakyo-ku, has been playing an important role to lead in culture and the art scene of Japan in all ages. This time Kyoto City has instituted the "Concept for the Future Vision of the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art," which is to inherit its tradition of leading the art scene, and also to make the museum proud to the world in the future as well.

Amongst the vision strategies, 4 main directions are stated. The 1st one is the museum will weave the history for the future. 2nd, is to create a museum where various aged people would gather. 3rd, the museum where people would stay comfortably and also can enjoy while taking their own time. 4th is the museum to lead Japan's culture and art scene, and which attract people from all over the world. The specific measures to achieve these purposes include expansion of the exhibition space, installing the interactive exhibit space and upgrading the café and restaurant etc.

From now on, based on the above strategies, Kyoto City will review the assignment such as dilapidated buildings, shortages of the exhibition space, and also to utilize the inner courtyard and the basement of the museum. Enhancement of curators will be also needed and the construction term and securing of finances are important study items as well.

For more details, please look for the pamphlet distributed at the information center at city office and also at the ward offices.

[Contact] Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art: Tel: 075-771-4107

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