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December 2014

"Kyoto's Jizo-bon" Selected as "Connecting-Kyoto: Intangible Cultural Heritage"

Kyoto City has selected "Kyoto's Jizo-bon" as the "Connecting-Kyoto: Intangible Cultural Heritage" on November 20th, 2014. This is a system, which the city uniquely selects for carefully inheriting cultural heritages that are difficult to designate or register as cultural properties under the existing law system.

This time chosen "Jizo-bon" is a local area's event held every August, which has been long inherited while changing with the times, and wishing for the local area's safety and children's health in their grow. A wide variety of events, including a traditional event such as "Juzu-mawashi (passing on Buddhism rosary in circle), a party games for children, presenting homemade dishes, and so on are held in each area. And the event has played a major role as an important opportunity to communicate beyond generations with people at the area gathering together. On the other hand, there are quite a few areas where the event itself has become simplified or has disappeared as a result of the number of children decreasing or because of lifestyle changes within households.

Against this backdrop, the city will try to re-recognize the role that has been played by "Jizo-bon," as aiming it to be inherited in the future by making various kinds of efforts and new ideas. Kyoto city will continuously disseminate Jizo-bon's value and charms by publishing a PR brochure.

[Contact] Kyoto City Cultural Property Protection Division: Tel: 075-366-1498

Expanding Wi-Fi Maintenance in Kyoto

In Kyoto city, there is more than 650 public wireless LAN spots called "Kyoto Wi-Fi" where anyone can use it freely, and it has just begun expanding to a significant extent. The process has also begun to be simplified. The wireless LAN spots will be expanded serially until the end of March, 2015 and the total number will increase to 1,400 spots, which is more than double the current amount. With this expansion, people will be able to use the wireless LAN services already installed at bus stops and subway stations, Seven-Elevens, and additionally, McDonalds' within the city, Randen Arashiyama Station, and so forth.

Moreover, the service will be available with much easier procedures. Prior acquisition of a password for connecting, which was required in the past, will no longer be necessary.

The "Kyoto Wi-Fi" sticker is posted at these locations.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Division: Tel: 075-746-2255

IC card available on Kyoto City Bus

Starting from December 24th, 2014, 10 kinds of traffic related IC card nationwide, such as "PiTaPa" and "ICOCA," can now be used on all the vehicles of Kyoto City Bus. With this, passengers don't have to prepare for small change nor bother with exchanging money on the bus, and it will make a smooth connection from and to the subway with only an IC card. When passengers use the "PiTaPa" card on the City Bus or Subway, there will be a special price, the fare will be automatically discounted depending on the amount paid in that month.

Furthermore, a removable platform fence will be started to operate from December 20th at Karasuma Oike Station on the Subway Karasuma line. This fence is aimed for protecting passengers from falling onto the track or being accidentally hit by trains, and the fence will open/close together with train's door only at the time after arrival at the station. The fence is also scheduled to be installed at Shijo and Kyoto Stations of the Subway Karasuma line within the FY 2015.

Please ride the city bus and subway that is now becoming more convenient and comfortable.

[Contact] Kyoto City Transportation Bureau Promotion Division: Tel: 075-863-5061

Inviting Public Opinion for the "Regulation on Prohibiting Street Soliciting"

Recently, in the bustling area in the city, it is becoming a problem that some citizens and tourists are feeling insecure or have unpleasant feelings by street soliciting by Izakayas (Japanese style pubs) and Karaoke shops, etc. Therefore, Kyoto city has organized the outline on the "Regulation on Prohibiting Street Soliciting" which is to solve the problem and to proceed with creating a secure and safe town. This regulation prohibits street soliciting within all the area in the city and also prohibiting the street solicitors at certain downtown areas, and introducing penal regulations when the orders was violated.

At the moment, Kyoto city is inviting public opinion for the outline of the regulation. Please refer to the leaflet that is distributed at the City Hall's information center, ward offices and branch offices, or on the Kyoto City website. Please mail or fax your opinion to the Living Safety Promotion Division on the 2F of west building at City Hall by January 8th, 2015.

[Contact] Kyoto City Living Safety Promotion Division: Tel: 075-222-3193

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