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November 2014

Redevelopment of Kyoto Station South Exit Station Square

Kyoto City has started the construction work on redevelopment aiming to improve the user-friendliness of connecting of public transportation and to expand pedestrian space from November 7th, 2014 at the Kyoto Station South Exit Station Square.

Kyoto Station is regarded as the primary gateway to welcome most of its visitors since Kyoto doesn't have an airport nor a harbor. But at the moment, the area has several problems such as: the bus stops around the south exit are scattered causing inconvenience for connection, also there is no waiting area for the field trippers, etc., and pedestrian space is being narrowed by cycle parking spaces located on sidewalks.

To make improvements to these problems, expanding pedestrian space by reducing the roadways from 6 to 4 lanes at Hachijo Street in front of the station, also putting a covered square deck where visitors are able to get around without getting rained on, and consolidating bus stops, and so on will be scheduled for execution. Other measures including an improvement on underground mechanical cycle parking spaces and relaxing spots for visitors thus making a space where visitors can walk in a more relaxed way compared to now. From now on, along with the serial relocation of the platforms of city buses, taxis, tour buses and others, construction work has begun and is scheduled to be finished around December, 2016.

Kyoto City will proceed with these measures continuously towards the realization of "A Walking City, Kyoto," which prioritizes for the people and public transportation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Road Construction Division: Tel: 075-222-3577

Regulation on "Garbage-filled House" Instituted

To resolve the problem caused by so-called "garbage-filled houses," which is causing harmful influences to surrounding neighbors by accumulating garbage or breeding many animals, etc., the "Support and Measurement for Resolving the Poor Life Environment Regulation" was executed starting from November 11th, 2014.

Those people who are causing the garbage-filled house problem are various kinds of people such as single elderly households or a people who suffer from mental illness, but they have a common point in many cases that the people causing these problems are being socially isolated.

This regulation states to give a basic need-based support for those who are causing the problem such as having a conversation in a locally cooperative manner and enhancing their relationships with their local communities, and so on.

Also the regulation states that when there will be no cooperation from the people causing such problems and is expected at a time of high risk of accident or disaster, the city is able to conduct an on-sight investigation or make an order to remove garbage. Also the city is able to remove the garbage by procuration, etc.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health Welfare Administration Division: Tel: 075-222-3366

New Promotion Plan for "Becoming a Tourist City where the World Admires" to be Instituted

The "Kyoto Tourist Promotion Plan 2020" was instituted which is aiming for further tourism promotion aimed mainly from the holding of "The Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics" in 2020.

The plan was made based on the opinions from citizens and related institutions. It mainly stated as for the goal by FY 2020, to increase tourism consumption amount from 700 billion yen of FY 2013 to 1 trillion yen per year, to increase the number of foreign overnight guests from 1,130,000 in FY 2013 to 3 million per year. Also to raise the percentage of the questionnaire of "would like to come back to Kyoto again," "would like to recommend a Kyoto tour to their friend," and "was moved by the Kyoto people's hospitality, omotenashi spirit" close to 100 %.

In order to carry out this next plan, Kyoto city will proceed with 191 projects including "making an opportunity for citizens to experience the charms of Kyoto," and "Discovering local tourism resources such as festivals and traditional events working in a cooperative manner with locals," and "preparing a foreign tourists-friendly environment." With this plan, Kyoto City aims to create a city being eligible as the most popular tourist city to continuously make a secure, safe and gentle-hearted city which is admired by people of the world. Also the city is trying to make the citizen's life better with the economic benefits from the tourism industry.

[Contact] Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Division: Tel: 075-746-2255

Widening Construction Work of Sidewalks on Shijo Street

The construction work regarding the widening of the sidewalk of Shijo Street up to double in width between Karasuma Street and Kawataba Street, was started on November 17th, 2014.

This is a part of the project toward the realization of switching from a car-centric society to the "Walking City, Kyoto," which prioritizes for people and public transportation. The goal is to make Shijo Street a fun place while walking so that a bustling atmosphere in the downtown area will be generated.

The construction work on the sidewalk space will be proceeded by using one lane out of a two-lane section, which is not able to pass through at the moment because of the parked/stopped vehicles. The bus stops that are now scattered in 16 different spots will be integrated to 4 spots which is to make the city buses more user-friendly, and also the sidewalk will be made into a jetty-terrace style so that the buses are able to stop and depart more smoothly. Taxi Stands will also be integrated in 2 spots, and additionally 15 new spots will be installed where it is able to briefly stop vehicles while loading/ unloading cargo and so on. There will be a space where emergency vehicles can pass in the center of the street.

The completion is scheduled to be the end of October, 2015. In principle, the construction work will be proceeded from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am every morning except on Sundays and national holidays. There might be some traffic control, so please make sure to come to Shijo Street by train or bus from now on as well.

[Contact] Kyoto City Road Environment Maintenance Division: Tel: 075-222-3570

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