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October 2014

Conducting a "Joint Evacuation Guidance Drill providing for a Large-scale Disaster" at Kyoto Station

When a large-scale disaster hits the city, it will be expected that about 26,000 tourists, commuters will roll into Kyoto Station and may cause confusion. Thus, Kyoto City, Central Japan Railway Company and 6 group companies from West Japan Railway Company, a group from Kyoto Station, Kintetsu, etc. have conducted a joint evacuation guidance drill in the predawn hours of September 27th (Sat.), 2014. The drill was conducted based on the "Agreement on cooperating for facility utilization for tourists, etc. when disasters occur" which was concluded in March, 2014. And the drill became the first operation of this kind, to stray the frameworks of railway business operators and operating the drill in an interconnected manner.

The drill was conducted under a situation which an earthquake occurs and assumes all the trains stop. In this situation, from information sharing to distributing food and guidance to the temporary shelters have practiced in a realistic simulation.

The city will make use of the problem solution approach which will become clear by the drill, and taking further disaster-prevention measures, to try to improve further security and safety for citizens and tourists with cooperating institution concerns.

[Contact] Kyoto City Renewal and Creation of Town Section: Tel: 075-222-3503.

"Kotochika Yamashina" just Opened

On October 10th, 2014, the "Kotochika Yamashina" has opened at Yamashina Station of the Subway Tozai Line where people are able to enjoy shopping inside the station. Kotochika is part of the City's project, the "Business inside a station yard" which aims to increase both in revenue and passengers of the subway line.

The opening of the Yamashina Station has been the fourth place, after Subway Karasuma Line's Shijo, Karasuma Oike and Kyoto station. The 4 shops are: "CocoPress," which is the first shop opening in Kansai area, a cosmetic shop "Kitto Couleur," and a general shop "Holiday A・PART・MENT," and a weekly special sweets shop. Along the opening, the toilet has been renovated and a powder room for women are newly-built inside the station.

Please stop by the newly renovated, convenient and amusing Yamashina Station's "Kotochika Yamashina."

[Contact] Kyoto City Sales Promotion Section: Tel: 075-863-5068

Expanding Aid Recipients of Fertility Treatment Fee

Aiming to decrease the financial burden for couples who are in fertility treatment, a part of recurrent pregnancy loss treatment and fertility treatment for men was added as an aid recipient to the "Fertility Treatment Fee, etc. Subsidy Program," which is to subsidize the part of the expense on treatment, starting October 1st, 2014. This is the first attempt amongst a government-designated city.

For the recurrent pregnancy loss treatment, half of the amount of the self-pay, up to ¥100,000 per pregnancy will be subsidized. For the fertility treatment for men, half of the amount of the self-pay and up to ¥200,000 per year will be subsidized. An eligible will be a person who fits the bill, such as continuously residing more than a year within Kyoto Prefecture, and having fixed address in the city at the time of treatment, etc. The application period must be within the first year after the treatment, from the next day of the treatment.

For details on application procedure, please refer to the leaflets that are distributed at health-care centers, branch offices or the city's website.

[Contact] Kyoto City Health and Medical Service Section: Tel: 075-222-3420

Regulation Enforced to Prevent Bullying

On October 10th, 2014, the "Regulation on Prevention and so on of Bullying" was enforced which is conducted based on discussions from the parents and an educational expert, etc. and citizen's opinion.

This is aimed as preventive measures and early detection of bullying, and further strengthening on taking prompts and appropriate action when bullying occurs and to take preventive steps. The regulation states a child's role and responsibility of parents, local area and public administration, and includes holding a meeting with persons involved aiming to nurture a rich spirit and normal consciousness for children, etc. to eradicate the bullying to work together with all citizens.

From now on, the city will continuously work through to disseminate and raise public awareness of the regulation, and complying with guidelines stating further specific efforts. These are all aimed to nurture the "heart that never forgives bullying," and create an environment in which children can live and study without anxiety.

[Contact] Kyoto City Pupil Guidance Section: Tel: 075-213-5622

"Additional Reform Plan on Waste Collection Jobs" Instituted

The city has instituted the "Additional Reform Plan on Waste Collection Jobs" which was conducted by taking opinions from citizens as well. This is aimed to make progress on improvement of public services and further reducing waste along with tackling an intensive administrative and financial reform as maintaining firmly for public sanitation.

As for specific measures for the reform plan, within approximately 10 years starting from now, will be increased outsourcing of waste collection jobs from 46.8% in FY 2014 to 70%. Also, to collect all the combustible waste completely in the morning, cultivate human resources capable of dealing with advanced operations such as waste reduction, etc.

For details, please refer to the leaflet that are distributed at the city hall, ward offices and branch offices, and the city's website.

[Contact] Kyoto City Environment Administration Section: Tel: 075-222-3450

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