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January 2014

Proceeding on the efforts for reducing freight vehicles on streets

Kyoto City is proceeding with the efforts of a "Kyoto-walking town," which takes the priority of people and public transportation so that pedestrians can walk safely in the city-centered historical areas which are surrounded by Shijo-dori, Kawaramachi-dori, Oike-dori and Karasuma-dori.

As part of a continuing effort, during the period between Jan. 7th to Feb. 28th, 2014, making an announcement to logistics companies, etc. who deliver packages to shops situated in Shinkyogoku shopping arcade, not to park in the streets around the area, but to park instead at pay-by-the-hour parking lots. Also, Kyoto City and Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade will be covering part of the usage fees, etc. as to facilitate the use of the pay-by-the-hour parking lots.

Additionally, map of the utilizable parking lots for freight vehicles that are delivering and collecting packages will be printed and distributed.

Kyoto City will continue to make effort on reducing freight vehicles on streets with the cooperation of shopping arcade, logistics companies and parking lot operators.

[Contact] Kyoto City Walking Town Promoting Section: Tel: 075-222-3483

The fare for City Buses and the Subway will be revised along with the consumption tax increase

With the increasing of consumption tax to 8% starting from April, 2014, the fare for city bus and subway will be revised, starting from April 1st, 2014.

The main changes of the fare will be 220 yen to 230 yen for the regular section of city bus. Except for the regular section, the fares will rise by, up to 20 yen. However, the fare for the city bus commuter pass price won't change.

As for the Subway, a single section of 210 yen will remain as it is now, and between 2 to 5 sections which is now more than 250 yen will be raised by 10 yen each, and also the fare for the commuter pass will be revised.

Besides, the fare for a One-day Pass for the city bus and subway won't be revised. Your understanding and cooperation regarding these changes is deeply appreciated.

[Contact] Kyoto City Transportation Authority, Administration Division: Tel: 075-863-5022

Kyoto City University of Arts will be transferred

With receiving a written request from Kyoto City University of Arts on March 2013, stating a relocation of its facilities which situated at Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City has decided to transfer them and also prepare the places in good condition. It will be planned to be relocated to the Sujin area of Shimogyo-ku which is at the east side of Kyoto Station.

This will solve the problems of the University such as school buildings being too old, too tight and also lacking in earthquake resistance preparations, etc.

In association with the relocation to the central area of the city, the university will play a more active role by cooperating with companies and other universities and further more this will also likely lead to making a contribution to the development of the town and creating attractiveness to the entire city of Kyoto.

The relocating project is said to be last about 10 years, but Kyoto City will be putting the specific plan regarding its development of the area in fiscal 2014.

Also, the City will progress the consultation with the area and bodies concerned to make the direction for a new energized-planning and the utilization of empty lots in the Rakusai area, Nishikyo-ku where the university is currently situated.

[Contact] Kyoto City Finance Bureau, Administration Division: Tel: 075-222-3045

"Disposal fee of the collecting waste from private sector" Revised

The disposal fee collected by the private sector for incinerating waste at the Kyoto City's wastes disposal facility will be revised from the 800 yen per 100kg as of now to 1,000 yen, starting from April 1st, 2014.

The private sector's waste collecting companies are now collecting waste from offices, food shops and some condominiums. Waste collecting companies are now paying Kyoto City a disposal fee partially from the disposal payment which is collected from contractors. If you are contracting with waste collecting companies, please make an inquiry of the revised-disposal fee.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[Contact] Kyoto City Countermeasures Office on Waste from Private Sector: Tel: 075-366-1394

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