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September 2013

Commencing operation of "Urgent Warning"

Kyoto City announces the commencing operation of "Urgent Warning."

It is recently decided thatwWhen extremely heavy rain and huge earthquake that go way beyond current "Warning" standard occur and incredibly large scale disaster is expected, the Japan Meteorological Agency announces "Urgent Warning."

The "Urgent Warning" will be announced only when incredibly large scale disaster is highly expected.

When the "Urgent Warning" is announced, watch the circumstances and follow the evacuation instruction and recommendation from the city, and take the proper action to protect your life immediately.

Please don't depreciate other weather watches and warnings from the Japan Meteorological Agency, and keep cautious to natural disasters to save yourself.

[Contact] Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Management Office: Tel: 075-212-6792

Proper Indication of Outside Advertisement Management Business Place Wanted

An announcement about recruiting management office for proper indication of outside advertisements.

One of the projects that the city has been working hard in recent year is to set proper regulations for outside advertisement regarding size, color and height because outside advertisements affect beautiful scenery in the city very much. The city bans to set an outside ad on the rooftop, for example.

This regulation aims to protect Kyoto's beautiful scenery. Now the city is looking for business places that work together for this aim. The business place that already has outside advertisements following the city's ordinance or the one that plans to have an outside advertisement in the near future can apply. There are some other terms and conditions to apply. For details, read brochure distributed at the city hall, ward offices and branch offices, or visit the city's website. Business places that get approval from the city will receive a certificate sticker and registration document. Also the business places and their ads will be introduced on the city's website.

[Contact] Kyoto City Outside Advertisement Regulation Promotion Section: Tel: 075-708-7690

Law about Animal Protection and Management Amended

Announcement about low amendment "Law about Animal Protection and Management" taken on September 1st, 2013.

In this amendment, the law states that owners must take a responsibility for his/her animals until the animals finish their life and that the local administrations can decline to accept animals from owners due to animals' aging and illness. Penal rules have been made stricter. If one kills or injures an animal, the person will be sentenced less than two years or will be fined less than 2 million yen. If one abuses or abandons animals, the person will be fined less than 1 million yen. The amendment also beefs up regulations for business people who sell animals which tries to achieve a society where people and animals live together.

During the Animal Protection Week from September 20th to 26th, 2013, the city has organized many events that provided opportunity to consider a society where people and animals live together, such as "Kyoto-ani-love Festival."

How about considering a responsibility and think what it means to have an animal as a precious member of family?

[Contact] Kyoto City Hygiene and Medical Section: Tel: 075-222-3429

Emergency Call "#119" Interpretation Service in 5 Languages

Announcement about a new service: emergency call "#119" interpretation service in 5 languages.

Kyoto City will start phone interpretation service in 5 languages for emergency call from foreign tourists and exchange students who can't communicate in Japanese in an emergency.

When someone calls #119 for emergency call, it automatically connects to the multilingual contact center and the conversation will be interpreted via interpreter over the phone so that information will be accurately and promptly understood.

Five languages that frequently used in the city, English, Chinese and Korean, and Spanish and Portuguese that more people use as a mother tongue will be interpreted.

The service will start from 8:30, on October 1st, 2013, and will be available 24 hours/365 days.

[Contact] Kyoto City Fire Department: Tel: 075-212-6754

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