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August 2013

Method of Hospital Visit Cost for Children between 3 Years Old and 6th Grade of Elementary School Student Has Changed

To lighten the financial strain for households with children and to provide better environment for raising children, Kyoto City offers the "Subsidy for Children's Medical Cost." After September 1st, 2013, this subsidy system will be improved and the method of providing the subsidy for hospital visit cost of children between 3 years old and the 6th grade of elementary school students will be changed conveniently.

For example, the amount of self-pay at one medical place will be 3,000 yen at maximum a month. However if a child visits more than two medical places and the total of self-pay exceeds 3,000 yen, the parents can receive pay back after September 1st, for the amount over 3,000 yen after an application is submitted.

Eligible people will receive a pink certificate card by the end of August. Children before three years old as of September 1st will receive the card in the month they have their third birthday. Please keep the current white card as well since it is necessary for hospital stay and refund for medical cost.

[Contact] Kyoto City Local Welfare and Child Care Section: Tel: 075-251-1123

Solar Power System Operated in Toba Water Environment Preservation Center

From August 10th, 2013, Kyoto City has started to operate a large scale solar power system in the Toba Water Environment Preservation Center in order to expand usage of environmentally friendly, recyclable energy. The center is one of the largest sewerage treatment plants in Japan that can be capable of managing sewage treatment for more than half of the entire city.

This new solar power system will be able to generate 900,000 kilowatt of electricity a year which is equivalent to one year of electricity consumption of approximately 200 general households. Generated electricity will be all sold to an electric power company which will bring about 36 million yen of revenue to the city. The income will be used for the maintenance of the city's sewage system.

[Contact] Kyoto City Sewage System Section: Tel: 075-672-7833

Naming Right of Kyoto Kaikan Hall Decided as "ROHM Theatre Kyoto"

A full scale renovation of the Kyoto Kaikan Hall has been performed under the city's management right now.

Recently, the new name of the hall has been decided as the "ROHM Theatre Kyoto." Based on the agreement between the city and ROHM Co., Ltd. concluded in September 2011, ROHM has acquired the naming right of the Kyoto Kaikan Hall for 50 years after the completion of the renovation. ROHM bought the naming right at 5.25 billion yen and suggested the new name which has been approved in the "Kyoto City Naming Right Judging Committee." The revenue of 5.25 billion yen from ROHM will be used for future maintenance and renovation of the hall which will be open in January 2016.

Also, it has been officially announced that Mr. Seiji Ozawa, an internationally famous conductor, has assumed to be the chairman of a committee which plans opening projects when the ROHM Theatre Kyoto is open. The opening projects will last about one year after the opening.

[Contact] Kyoto City Culture and Art Planning Section: Tel: 075-366-0033

New Construction and Expansion of the Company's Headquarters, Research Facilities and Factories will be Financially Supported

Having the companies' headquarters, research facilities and factories in a city can lead to the activation of a city's economy and can improve employment. To encourage more companies to do so, Kyoto City has opened the "General Support Desk for Company Premises" as well as providing financial support and subsidies for companies which have new construction and expansion of the company's headquarters, research facilities and factories. Besides, the city has decided to take away region restrictions which used to limit the region that companies could construct their facilities from this year. The whole area of the city is covered by the support now.

Additional supports have been made especially for the industrial regions such as Rakunan Shinto in Minami and Fushimi Ward, Yoko-oji District in Fushimi Ward and Katsura Innovation District in Nishikyo Ward. These regions will receive more subsidies and longer periods of support.

[Contact] General Support Desk for Company Premises: Tel: 075-222-3324

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