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July 2013

City's Copayment for Protective Vaccination of Rubella Started

As the number of rubella patient has been increasing, the city has started to provide copayment system for protective vaccination from July1st, 2013.

Rubella could cause serious damage, such as congenital rubella syndrome, to an unborn baby particularly when the mother gets rubella in the early stages of pregnancy. To prevent getting rubella during the pregnancy period, it is strongly recommended that the women who has never taken the protective vaccination to use this chance.

A female over 19 years old who has a citizen registration in Kyoto City and who wishes to be pregnant in the future and husbands of pregnant females can take this copayment system. Vaccination will not be provided to pregnant people. One vaccination is available per person for 3,500 yen. For more information, visit the city's website or call Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center (Tel: 075-6611-3755). Check the affiliated medical facilities and make a reservation directly.

[Contact] Kyoto City Hygiene & Medical Section: Tel: 075-222-4421.

Basic Ordinance for Traffic Safety Enacted

The Basic Ordinance for Traffic Safety suggested by the city council members, was approved by the city council in the regular council meeting in May, 2013.

In April 2012, some tragic traffic accidents occurred in Kyoto prefecture. The city reconfirmed that it is one of the largest responsibilities of the city to provide safe and secure traffic conditions for citizens and tourists.

To achieve a safe and secured life without traffic accidents in the city, the new ordinance enacted on July 1st, 2013 includes some core goals and responsibilities of the city: to take priority to ensure safety for pedestrians, bike riders and users of public transportation, to provide proper maintenance on school routes and on residential roads, to provide educational opportunities to teach children and workers about traffic safety in the family and local community.

[Contact] Kyoto City Life Safety Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3193.

Ideas and Opinions from Citizens Wanted about the Draft (proposal) of "Ordinance about Utilization of City's Vacant Houses and Properties (tentative name)"

The number of vacant house in the city has been increasing recently and the city has started to make comprehensive plans how to utilize the vacant houses and properties.

Based on the plan, the city is going to formulate a draft for new ordinances which include guidelines on how to utilize vacant houses and how to manage them.

The city is now collecting ideas and opinions from citizens about the draft until August 26th, 2013. Read the brochure distributed at the city hall, ward offices or branch offices, or visit the city's website for more information about the draft.

Vacant houses can be utilized as the city's property but proper management is required, otherwise, they could give a bad effect in the community and city's scenery. The city wishes to receive many ideas and opinions from the citizens.

[Contact] Urban City Creation Promotion Section: Tel: 075-222-3503.

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