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May 2013

"World Heritage for the Future – Kyoto Declaration" Formulated

Kyoto hosted the final convention of the 40th anniversary of UNESCO last year. To commemorate this special event, an executive committee which Kyoto City and other organizations established has formulated the "World Heritage for the Future – Kyoto Declaration." This declaration was born from the city's wish that Kyoto's cultural properties will contribute to develop for the local community and world peace. The declaration indicates behavior objective for each citizen to preserve and succeed cultural properties to the future generation. Below are the quotes of the declaration:

  • We shall be interested in our local cultural properties
  • We shall learn about our local cultural properties and understand their importance
  • We shall share the preciousness about our local cultural properties to others in the world
  • We shall take part in activities to preserve our local cultural properties
  • We shall nurture "People, Technique and Tools" to preserve our local cultural properties
  • We shall exploit the values of our local cultural properties and succeed them to future generations

A voluntary group of citizens has donated the monument on which whole text of declaration is inscribe and the city has set the monument in the square in front of the city hall.

[Contact] Cultural Property Preservation Section: Tel: 075-366-1498

Improvement of Support for Small and Medium Sized Companies in the Environment and Energy Field

Kyoto City has taken some new support systems to support small and medium sized companies in environment and energy field in terms of provision of price raise of electricity in cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Industry Eco Energy Promotion Organization.

The city will provide support for energy and electricity saving by sending a specialist who can measure electricity consumption, will offer favorable treatment on interest loans for companies which are planning to introduce an energy saving investment, will provide subsidy for the cost of companies which plan to start new business in the field of environment and energy, will provide part of cost to replace street lights to LED in shopping arcades, will provide low-interest financing for small and medium sized companies that are introducing solar facilities, will issue financial incentive in accordance with the reduction amount of CO2 by efforts of energy saving and renew of the facilities, etc.

[Contact] Small and Medium Sized Company Support Section: Tel: 075-222-3329

Email Consultation about Bullying of Children Started

Kyoto City has started email consultation about bullying of children in order to prevent bullying and to find solution in the early stage. The service is open 24 hours every day.

Any report and consultation is accepted, for example, "I know someone being bullied," "I saw someone was bullying," "I am afraid my kid might be being bullied," etc.

Elementary, junior high school, high school students and their parents living in the city or commute to schools in the city can use this service. Consultation email is accepted from the website of the Kyoto City Education Consultation Center "Kodomo Patona" (

People who don't have the Internet access can call by phone 24 hours a day (Tel: 075-351-7834). Don't hesitate to talk to the staff and take the service.

[Contact] Education Consultation Center (Kids Consultation Center Patona): Tel: 075-254-1108

Subsidy for Installation Cost of Solar Power Generation Systems, Electricity Storage Systems and Solar Heating Systems

Kyoto City provides subsidy for installation cost of solar power generation systems, electricity storage systems and solar heating systems in order to expand the usage of environmentally friendly recyclable energy.

The solar power generation system is the facility that can convert sunlight to electricity. The electricity storage system is the facility that store electricity generated by solar power generation system in the rechargeable battery to use it during night time and in an emergency. The solar heating system is the facility that collects the sun's light and uses it as energy for boilers and air conditioners.

Facilities whose installation is finished between March 30, 2013 and March 31, 2014 can get the subsidy.

Individuals, community management unions and residents' association that wish to install these systems to the house, apartment building and meeting facility can apply for the subsidy.

Amount of subsidy will vary depending on the facility and size of the device. Application must be submitted before installation.

For more information, visit the "Kyoto City Taiyo 25" website or contact the Kyoto City Global Warming Provision Section.

[Contact] Global Warming Provision Section: Tel: 075-222-4555

New "Citizen's Health Creation Plan" Formulated

In 2002, Kyoto City formulated the "Citizen's Health Creation Plan" which aims to achieve the city where all citizens enjoy healthy life. Recently the city has renewed the plan for next 10 years from 2013 to 2022.

The goal of the plan is to create a healthy life span (a life span that people can live independently without nursing care in their daily lives) close to an average life span.

To achieve the goal, the plan includes many different ideas which can benefit all citizens in Kyoto-style, for example, promoting "Walking City Kyoto" project and respecting the traditions of the local community.

To learn more about the plan, get a brochure distributed at 1F of the western building of city hall and ward offices, or visit the city's website.

[Contact] Health and Medical Section: Tel: 075-222-3411

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